29 October 2008

Fwd: WaterBliss


Tuesday 4 November, 7 - 8.30pm, Noordhoek

WaterBliss is a variety of Blissdance, a movement and dance form that gives you the opportunity to experience the essence of Tantra in your body. As the name says, WaterBliss takes place in water; a lovely fairy lighted heated indoor pool. Two metaphors apply to the experience:
  • meeting other bodies in water the way that dolphins caress each other and
  • floating in the amniotic fluid, with the support of your companions.

WaterBliss can bring a subtle but profound repatterning of deeper layers of your being; it is an experience of great intimacy on a personal level. Participants will be selected for readiness and preference will be given to BlissDancers who are already immersed in the practice. Maximum 12 participants.

Cost: R120pp

Directions to WaterBliss:

The address is 27 Palm Road. If coming from Oukaapse Weg, turn Right into Kommetjie Road and Right at the first robot. The road forks, take the right fork into Palm Road and keep going until you see nr 27 on left. There are shower and dressing facilities, remember costume and towel!

You are invited to visit at my house in Fish Hoek afterwards. Please bring snacks and drinks to share this time.

With love


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