23 October 2008

Next Love Club gathering

Love Club 2
Thursday 30 October, 7 - 11pm

Dear friends,

The first gathering of the Tantric Love Club was a beautiful experience, and I have requests to plan the next one. Love Club will take place every 4 - 6 weeks and is a practical exploration of the principles of Tantra, the art of using sexual energy to deepen awareness. Individuals and couples are welcome. Participants are screened for readiness and also to ensure a gender balance for the experience. One of the gifts - and the challenges - of Love Club is the amplification of sexual energy that can take place in group practice. Tantra evokes the fiery dragon of our base chakra sexual energy and then refines it into the subtlest flows of lotus blossoms running all the way up the body. If you are willing to let the experience discover what is in the subconscious around your sexuality, and to let this refinement of your sexuality happen, then consider applying for the next Love Club gathering. Places are limited and I choose participants by looking at readiness, experience and gender balance.

Cost: R300

Bring: Wear comfortable clothes. Bring some sensual foods and drinks to share as part of the evening's ritual

Venue: My home in Fish Hoek


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