03 November 2008

SkyDancing women's retreat 28 - 30 November


Tantra workshop for Women
28 - 30 November, Greyton

Tantra is a deep celebration of the power of the feminine. In Tibet, female practitioner of Tantra is called a Dakini - a skydancer. Skydancing is what happens when a woman's sexual energy starts to move up her body, though her heart and comes showering out the crown of her head. The whole body goes into an exquisite dance that happens in receptivity and relaxation.

Shima and Shakti, two practiced Dakini's, invite you to come taste with us the nectar of the feminine that flows from skydancing. In this weekend workshop, we wil assist you to
  • direct the flow of energy in your body through meditation, movement and breath work
  • share the ecstasy and depth of the feminine with other women in dancing, chanting and story circles and
  • find your own skydance  as it is in the naked truth of your being, this moment.

Skydancing is a deeply authentic expression of the wild woman in all of us. This teaching from woman to woman takes some doing in our current western mind set. Women have been brought up to believe that most or all of their sexual expression is wrong and must only be presented in an acceptable way according to the culture. Skydancing invites a great unlearning. In this unlearning our true being begins to emerge and we dance again. It happens when we let go, and allow what wants to dance through us.

We have just completed a workshop in which we were all astounded at the beauty of the feminine - the exquisite, tender and courageous presence that comes to the fore in us. All that is needed is some guidance from hands who know the journey, and your own willingness to open and relax into the truth of your life. And yet it is a deeply transformative meditation, recommended only for those women who are ready to move through illusions, and to live with totality.

Venue: Blue Hippo, Greyton
Blue Hippo (http://bluehippo.co.za) is a teepee village outside Greyton, which is about two hours from Cape Town. The environment brings us closer to nature, which is a precious gifts for this experience. Our activities will take place in a beautiful wooden hall.

Cost: R2 300, which includes accommodation and meals.

Bookings: Contact Shakti shakti@shakti.co.za 0833010399. Banking details:

Dr S.Malan
Standard Bank current account
Merriman Square branch (02-11-09-00)
Account number: 073152811

For more about Shakti and Shima see www.tantraschool.co.za and www.shakti.co.za

With love
Shakti and Shima


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