15 November 2008

Tantric technique for women

Dear women,

If you are on this mailing list, it is because something in you is drawn to Tantra, the art of sacred sexuality, and you have asked to stay in touch with the work that I do.

The more work I do with women, the more I am in awe of where we can go with the practice of Tantra. Tantra is a path of awareness for people whose desire is awakening - awakening to who we really are, beyond any illusion.  Over the centuries, Tantric masters have discovered that our life in the body, our sexuality and our sensuality, can be doorways to our awakening. By being fully present in our lives, with all that we experience including our sexuality, we move through illusion quickest. They also discovered that sexual energy itself can become a powerful meditative force, if we allow it to be used as such.

Women have a special place in Tantra. `Buddha said that the vagina is the pathway to awakening. This is a profound statement and reflects a deep understanding of the feminine. Female sexuality is an opening, a receptivity, an allowing, a welcoming of what comes to meet us. This is what is most needed for our awakening - that we let go our goals. ideas and definitions of self, and surrender to this divine moment.

There is a special technique that awakens this intermingling of the sacred and the sexual in women. It is called Skydancing. In Skydancing, a woman's sexual energy gets awakened in the base chakra (this can happen through breathing and movement) and then moves up the body. When it reaches the heart, it spreads out into the arms, and the woman's body "gets danced" into a great flood of energy and ecstacy. This experience takes us into a profound stillness and experience of oneness with all of existence. There are few meditations that come close to this experience.

My colleague Shima and I have designed a workshop called Skydancing which is an opportunity for you to re-member this technique in your bodies. The process works exquisitely and is accessible to women of all ages and backgrounds. As far as we know, this technique is taught nowhere else. For thousands of years now, the deep mysteries of the feminine have been kept quiet. But the time is right now for us to teach and learn them again. The retreat takes place 28 - 30 November in Greyton, and the cost is R2 300. I strongly encourage you to consider coming. Please feel free to contact me or Shima if you have any questions or would like to discuss the concept.

In love


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