14 January 2009

Tantra consultation news

Greetings beloveds

I offer private consultations to individuals (men and women) and couples. For more on what happens in a session, see http://www.shakti.co.za/consult.html. Sessions are two hours and take place at my practice in Fish Hoek Cape Town. For the month of January, I am offering all sessions at a special price of R600 per session. From February, I am increasing my fees to R900 for an individual session. Couple sessions, which can be up to three hours, are R1 200 from February.

It can be profoundly impactful to come for a single session or for a short succession of sessions to move through a specific blockage in the unfolding of your consciousness. Some people choose to come to me on a regular basis with intervals of their choice, such as once a month. The purpose of consultations is not to get you committed to a lifelong therapeutic relationship with me, but rather to empower you into a greater freedom in your own being.

I am delighted to announce that as from this year I have a male colleague working with me and under my guidance. This partnership opens vital possiblities for women in sessions work as it creates a safe, consciously guided opportunity for women to work directly with a man in clearing blockages and deepening presence in the moment.

Thank you to those of you who have suggested sessions to friends; referral is in my opinion a very intelligent way of spreading the word.

With affectionate Tantra greetings,


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