22 January 2009

Tantra for adolescents

Dear Tantra friends,

I am planning a series of talks/small workshops for adolescents starting end of February/ beginning of March. The talks would be an introduction to conscious sexuality presented age appropriately, with opportunity for the adolescents to bring questions for us to discuss. My methods will be responsive to the group and could could include creative modalities like dance and collage work. I did some work with a group of 15 year old boys some years ago, and from what I understood, the boys loved it. In the last six months, I have noticed that participants on my retreats afterwards always discuss how wonderful it would be if their children could already be introduced to the field of conscious sexuality in stead of having to wait for for the opportunity until their later years.

The discussions/workshops will be an hour each time, and I imagine a series of 8 meetings in the course of a year. There will be an introductory talk for parents, and then separate gatherings for the following groups:
women 15 - 16 years old
women 17 - 18 years old
men 15 - 16 years old
men 17 - 18 years old

I would love to structure the sessions in a way that flows with the schedules of busy parents and students, and so exact dates and times will be planned in feedback from you.

For now my request is that you let me know if you are interested in this program, and also that you send this email on to other parents or adults working with adolescents who might want to participate in such events. The sooner I get groups together, the sooner we can begin.  Feel free to send me your thoughts.

For more about my approach and background, see www.shakti.co.za




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