12 January 2009

Tantric Awareness Retreat 20 - 23 March 2009

Facilitated by Rahasya and Shakti
in the Knysna Forrest

On Tantra

Tantra embraces the body and the power of sexual energy as a doorway to awareness. In our times, the ancient mysteries of Tantra are becoming available to seekers who are ready for a path of total integration.

The Retreat

You are invited to a deep immersion into the mysteries of Tantra under the guidance of two experienced Tantrikas. Come celebrate your devotion and surrender to the truth/ existence/ the Tao/ the divine in all of us. We will take you by the hand on a journey of uncovering and moving through the projections, associations, fantasies and fears that keep you from accessing the spiritual power of your sexuality. Central themes of the retreat are:

  • Accessing and using your own erotic impulses
  • Releasing blocked emotions and sensations
  • Learning to let love flow
  • Refining the language of touch
  • Moving and circulating sexual energy
  • Practical meditation techniques
  • Deepening the heart's capacity to feel

Activities include movement and dancing, breathwork, meditation practices, Tantric touch and various forms of enactment. The programme includes individual sessions with Shakti and/or Rahasya.


The facilitators

Rahasya is the director of the Advait Tantra School. Shakti runs a Tantra practice in Cape Town and has presented numerous retreats and workshops.

Cost: R2 300 all inclusive

Bookings and enquiries

Please note that the venue limits the number of participants. Book early to avoid disappointment!

For all bookings and enquiries, contact Shakti:


Mobile:    083 301 0399
              +27 833010399

Further information at this retreat's web page: http://tantraschool.co.za/tar5.html

Events announced at Advait Tantra School Events Page    

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