24 February 2009

Sexual Yoga Workshop 14 March

Introduction to
Sexual Yoga Practice


Saturday 14 March 3 - 6pm

87 Berg Lane Fish Hoek

This afternoon is the first of a series of workshops in which I will introduce you to some traditional Tantra practices. In their traditional form, these practices are often not that useful for us in the contemporary world, but I will translate them for you into useful form.

Yoga is a path of knowledge that uses the body as vehicle for consciousness through the practice of Asanas or postures. This afternoon is an introduction to some yoga postures that
  • focus attention in particular chakras or energy points in the body and
  • can take your sexual experience to higher levels of awareness.

You don't need any prior experience in yoga to enjoy the afternoon, and you don't need to be very flexible either. The practices are fairly simple and accessible. I present these postures to you as an encouragement to notice what naturally wants to happen in the body when our sexual energy starts to flow with stronger awareness.

Cost: R300
This is an introductory workshop and all are welcome. Write to me at shakti@shakti.co.za or call me on 0833010399 to book. Bookings are confirmed with full payment. Banking details:

Dr. S. Malan
Standard Bank current account
Merriman Square branch (02-11-09-00)
Account number: 073152811



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