02 February 2009

Tantra Girls' night out Thursday 26 February

Tantra Girls' Night Out

Thursday 26 February 2009
The Grand Cafe, Camps Bay


Dear Women,

I invite you to a Tantra Girls' Night out at a funky French cafe in Camps' Bay (see http://www.thegrand.co.za/cb_gallery.html). Dress up in your slinky best, and let's spend an evening together around food and friendship while discussing Tantra for women. Bring your questions about sex and consciousness, and come share the celebration of being women together. You are welcome to bring women friends. The idea of this evening is also to provide an informal introduction to Tantra for women who are interested. Of course we can go as deep as we want through the night... it's all up to you!

Cost: R50 facilitation fee for me; food and drinks by your choice.
Please book with me asap, but by 21 February.



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