02 March 2009

Websites, Tantra and the elements

Hello beloveds,

I invite you to visit my new website http://totalitytherapy.com. This site gives a systematic description of the goals, objectives and outcomes of Tantra as we practice it in the Advait Tantra School. The bog on this site will be alive and full of new information, including reflections on literary, philosophical and scientific topics that relate to what we do. Please pass the link on to friends. In addition, our school's website tantraschool.co.za as well as my own shakti.co.za is frequently updated with new information, so keep watching these spaces too.

Every now and again, you will receive an email from me on one of the topics or themes that are strong in our work. Today, on this balmy summer's evening, the theme is Tantra and the Elements.


Even if we are living in cities, Tantra is a way for people who are wild at heart. The more you get immersed in the practice of being present every moment, the more you feel the elemental nature of your existence. There is cool fire in the starts that litter my horizon. There is hot fire in my blood, cooled by the slow pulse of awareness, of saying "yes" to what is. There is salt on my skin from the ocean - my body is one with the waters of life. When I dance with others, our bodies melt into one pulsing river of presence. Every true embrace is a melting. Our breaths are the slow caresses of air, coursing thorugh our veigns. Air gives us space - to savour, to let go, to be swept suddenly into the unknown. And earth, finally, in the bodies we find our homes. These precious, delicious bodies.

I have found Shamanic work to be a potent approach to spirituality because it is so embodied. Every action is expressed through the elements. In this sense, I experience Tantra as a form of Shamanism. Or Shamanism as a form of Tantra.

So come, play with us in the elements! This year in March, Rahasya and I are running our Tantric Awareness retreat in the Knysna forests. In May, 22 - 27, I invite you to share in a Sexual Consciousness feast on the Wild Coast. Imagine days of being immersed in Tantric practice with long swims along those unspoilt beaches inbetween... followed by delicious fishy feasts and then some more Tantric learning and delight...

With love


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