08 April 2009

Come to BlissDance

Hello all you beautiful people,

On Wednesday evenings in Kalk Bay I present an activity called BlissDance. BlissDance is an expression of Tantra in motion. Through movement and dance, we explore consciousness and awarenes as it moves through the body. I guide the dances around a theme of my choice, using music as an important element in creating moods and textures to move with. One important discovery in BlissDance is that you can trust the messages of your body. Because of past experiences and unconscious patterns, most of us walk through life with body armoring. Body armoring is the emotional-energetic defense that monitors how close we allow people to us. This armoring keeps our ego in place as it is, but also keeps us from being able to feel life to the full. In BlissDance, you get the opportunity to risk feeling more - opening to intimacy, to being touched by the air, by another, but the collective of humanity. In the process, you learn when it feels good to take your space, and when your body wants to move closer. Movement is also an excellent way to break us out of the static patterns of our lives - and it thus is an wonderful vehicle for awareness.

Blissdance is loosely inspired by Biondanza, in which I am trained, but also by other movement disciplines such as contact improvisation and five rhythms.

Participants have called BlissDance the best meditation that they have ever had, and more delicious than making love. Bliss, in my understanding, is the balance that happens when we embrace both our shadow and our light, and come to rest in love. The challenge in BlissDance, as in all of Tantric practice, is: How much bliss can you stand?

BlissDance takes place most Wednesday evenings at The Forge, 12 Windsor Road Kalk Bay. Drive along the sea from Muizenberg until you get to Olympia Cafe on the right (last street before the robots). Park in the street or in Olympia's parking lot and walk up Windsor Road; no parking in Windsor Road. Time: 7.10 - 9pm. Wear comfortable clothes and bring water to drink. We go to Olympia Cafe after the dance, so book your meal there before the dance if you wish to join. 

Email me or call me on 0833010399 if you are coming for the first time; also to ensure that there is a class on the night that you wish to come.

To the dance of life!


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