09 April 2009

Free introductory Tantra talk tomorrow 6 - 8pm

Hello beloveds,

We have recently had  screening of the film Bliss that illustrates some principles of Tantra. I am hosting a follow-up discussion at my home tomorrow evening 10 April 6 - 8 pm at my home in Noordhoek. The discussion will be valuable as an introduction to Tantra even if you haven't seen the film.  Tantra. Some of the themes that I am interested in giving input on are
the healing power of sexual awareness
tantric practices for deepening love and intimacy
more input on some of the sexual techniques used in the film
I am hoping to give you some more practical input and guidelines. Just as a taste of what is possible..

Please let me know if you would like to come. Once you confirm, I send more details.


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