06 April 2009

The Harmonics of Tantra: Workshop Sunday 19 April

The harmonics of Tantra
Using sound to deepen Sexual Presence

Sunday 19 April
Phakalane Hout Bay
10 am - 6pm

In Tantric practice, there are three modalities that are used a lot: breath work, movement and sound. I invite you to a day of exploring how to use sound to deepen awareness in your sexual flow. The two dimensions of the day will be:
finding the freedom to express sound as energy moves through you
learning to listen to the inner harmonics of your sexual flow

Our bodies consists of sound waves. The old sufi masters describe the body attuned to the dharma (the truth of what is) as a hollow flute through which existence can play many, many tunes. In order to allow ourselves to be the hollow flute, we first need to drop our inhibitions about expressing sound. When we can start to allow sound to be expressed in our lovemaking, this immediately makes us more available as instruments on which the melodies of divine love can be played.

When we come to really listen to the melody of the moment, to the harmonics inherent in the body of our lovers, then we can touch with awareness. And love will sing to us.

Morning workshop (10 am - 1pm)
Feeling sound in your body
The morning workshop will consist of meditations in which you will be using sound to go deeper into presence. You will feel your whole body becoming a vibrating wave of love.

Afternoon workshop (2.30 pm - 6pm)
The harmonics of touch
After some deep immersion in listening to sound, we will explore listening to the harmonics of the body. From a place of deep listening, we will come to touch the body of the other with awareness.

Cost: R350 for the morning workshop only; R650 for the whole day

This workshop is accessible for beginners and will also be richly valuable for those who have been exploring the practices for some time. You do not need to come with a partner; partner work will be done in rotation (unless you come with a partner and prefer to do all the exercises with this person).

Space is limited so book soon to avoid disappointment.




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