21 May 2009

Tantra for women: Sacral chakra courses

Tantric Practice for Women
Sacral Chakra Courses
June and July 2009

Tantric Practice for Women

Tantra, the art of conscious sexuality, is a practice that has since ancient times been led by women.  What has been a secret and mystical practice has now become accessible to seekers who are on a committed path of awareness.  It is a special calling in my life to support women into the full flowering of where our sexuality can take us. The main elements of this work are:
• Understanding the unique qualities of female sexuality
• Opening to the flow of sexual energy/ kundalini through meditation, dance and breath work
• Unleashing blocks or integrating what has prevented this full flow through the chakras.

Working with the chakras

Tantra is a practice that cultivates awareness of our oneness with existence through sexual awakening. This happens through the opening of the chakras. Chakras are energy centers in the body where consciousness collects around particular patterns. Typically in sexual encounter, we send our sexual energy outwards. We may experience deep bliss for a while, but generally this does not last. With Tantric awareness, our sexual vitality starts to move up our bodies like a snake that uncoils, from the root or base of the body all the way up through the crown. Sexual energy moves from the first chakra up. This process is often known at the Uncoiling of the Snake (sexual energy or kundalini). For more on the unique qualities of each chakra, see http://shakti.co.za/blog/2008/04/tantra-and-chakras_14.html

Many women have negative body memories from sexual experience. These can be from a range of sources, including direct invasion, inappropriate contact, painful or insensitive sex and judgments about the realm of the sexual. While engaging your personal healing journey in this realm will be intensified by private sessions with me, the continuous course will create a space for us to collectively and individually release and integrate past inhibiting memories. For more on my approach to this work, see http://totalitytherapy.com/blog/2009/02/sexual-healing-copyright-shakti-malan.html

A continuous course

From April this year, I have been running an ongoing course on Tantra for women. The course consists of regular mini workshops in which we will systematically work through the chakras.  There will be three or four workshops per chakra. Each workshop will be an exploration of a specific element of women's sexuality related to that chakra.

You will benefit most from the mini workshops if you attend them consistently. However,  the workshops are structured in such a way that you can attend any workshop at any stage (that is, you can enter and exit the process as it suits you.)

Growing with other women

This continuous course will create a space for fluid community and support amongst women.  We learn from each other and share in our experiences. The unfolding of our personal awareness can be deepened significantly through regular practice in a conscious group context. 


The kinds of methods I use are:
Breath work
Guided meditations
Group discussions and sharing
Shamanic journeywork
Body tracking
Collaging, journaling and other creative expressions
Movement and dance

The methods will be an encouragement of the subtlety in women's sexuality. The focus is on the movement of sexual energy in your own body; on getting to know your own body, and becoming attuned to how energy moves through you.

The Sacral Chakra

The second chakra is often called the sacral chakra. It is the home of our sexuality and our sense of belonging with other people. When the sacral chakra is open, healthy and luminous in us, we find a deep belonging in ourselves and in the world, without the neediness and co-dependency that often accompanies belonging. As we come to fully embrace, to treasure and to cultivate, the flowering beauty of our sexuality, then we have this flowering to share with others.

Time, place and cost

Dates: Saturdays 1 - 4pm
Place: Jing-an Studio, 1st Floor,Satbel centre ,2 De Smidt st,Green-Point
Cost: R350pp per workshop
To book a place on one or more of these workshops, fist let me know that you would like to come, and then deposit the workshop fee into the following account:

Dr. S. Malan
Standard Bank current account
Merriman Square branch (02-11-09-00)
Account number: 073152811

To find out more about me, see shakti.co.za and totalitytherapy.com. The website of the Advait Tantraschool, of which I am a member, is tantraschool.co.za.


Workshop themes

13 June: Virgin, whore and women's union - debunking the old archetypes

The myths of patriarchy have brought a big divide in women's sexualtity. Within most women today, there is a split between the virgin and the whore - the desire to be the one, the fear to be the other. Since the story was told that Eve bit the apple, we have stuggled to believe as women that the sacred and the sexual can co-exist in us, that we can live and express the full power of our sexuality without losing our innocence, our purity. By bringing awareness to this dynamic in us, an a playful way, we can undo the split that has kept us back for so long, and change our relationship with each other from being critical to being supportive.

Come join me for three hours of fun enactment, role play and dancing.

27 June: Sexuality and belonging

The sacral chakra is the energy center where we hold our relationships, our sense of belonging in the world. Our sexuality can be deeply affected by our relationships with those close to us - the family that we grew up, previous and current partners, and tribes or social collectives that we have identified with. In this workshop, we will use art and projection work to make conscious the webs of connections that have shaped our relationship with our sexuality. Then we will use breath work and meditation to drop what we no longer need and to find a deep belonging belonging in our own skins.

11 July: Yoni - gateway to nirvana

Yoni is the sanskrit word for the vulva. The yoni holds qualities of awareness that are so vital that Buddha called the yoni the gateway to nirvana (see picture above). And yet, many of us have grown up to be suspicious of the yoni. The word "cunt" is used as a derogatory term, and yet its original meaning, "kund", is that of the sacred container into which all the rivers of life flow.  In this workshop, we will use movement, visualization, inner dialogue and breathwork to access the wisdom and beauty that comes so us through our yonis.

25 July: Taoist sexual practices for women

Our sexual organs are a source of unlimited energy. The Taoist masters of old have developed techniques to build and preserve this energy in a way that prolongs our lifespan, deepens the joy of sex for women and takes sexual encounter (with self or other) into a space of deep meditation. These techniques can also be very helpful to women whose sexual functioning has been impacted by child birth. This workshop will be an experiential introduction to taoist sexual techniques for women. No previous experience is needed.



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