03 May 2009

Tantra Love Club Thursday 14 May

Tantra Love Club

Thursday 14 May


Tantra Love Club is a guided evening of Tantric practice. The center of the evening is a Tantric meditation practice using breath, movement and sound to open our connection to love, source, intimacy and sexuality. I have seen these evenings be deeply transformational and blissful for participants.

You do not need to come with a partner, but partners are welcome. I aim to have equal men and women on the evening, and exercises are done with different people in the course of the evening. In this way, you get to discover that your experience rises from your own center, rather than being the result of what the other can evoke in you.

I will take a maximum of 12 participants, so apply soon if you would like to attend. I select on basis of gender and level of experience, but booking early helps.

Time: 7 - 11pm Thursday 14 May
Cost: R300



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