08 June 2009

Upcoming Tantra events

Tantra events coming up June... to November

Hello beloveds,

What a delicious full moon this is... she is beckoning me to rest into being rather than doing, and yet she is ripening the fruits of being. So here, I share with you news of Tantra fruits growing on my tree...for us all to enjoy. If you do not live in Cape Town, scroll down for national events.

Weekly BlissDance

BlissDance is an exploration of Tantra in movement; see shakti.co.za/blissdance. Those who have tasted this fruit, usually come back for more. I occasionally go away, but else Blissdance happens 7.15 - 9pm on a Wednesday at the Forge, Kalk Bay. For June and July, only one change: There will not be a class on Wednesday 8July with there will be one on 9 July in stead. Let me know if you want to be on the BlissDance mailing list.

Tantric Love Club

This evening event is an opportunity to experience and practice Tantric meditations. You can come with or without a partner. The next date for TLC is Thursday 25 June 7 - 11pm. Cost R300. Places are limited and I take bookings based on who books first, experience in Tantra and gender balance.

Tantra Course: The Inner Soulmate
Six evenings starting 20 June

In our collective psyches the dream of finding the Soulmate moves strongly - that 'other' who will meet and fulfill me completely. And, as my teacher Rahasya says: "There is a real soulmate for each one of us. But that person is inside." Inside ourselves we are both masculine and feminine. The lovers and loved ones that cross our paths are our mirrors for where we are in the inner relationship between male and female. They can also be a rich fulfillment - and embodiment - of our inner Soulmate. Cost R1 800

Women's Tantra courses: Sacral chakra

Tantra women's workshops for June and July are focused on the second or sacral chakra, the root of our sexuality and our sense of belonging. Times: 1 - 4pm Saturdays. Venue: Greenpoint. Cost: R350 per workshop. Upcoming themes:

13 June: Virgin, whore and women's union - debunking the old archetypes
27 June: Sexuality and belonging
11 July: Yoni - gateway to nirvana
25 July: Taoist sexual practices for women

Introductory event

My colleague Stephen Tredrea and I will be presenting a talk on the practice of Tantra at the 8 o'clock club on Wednesday 8 July. Cost R40; we will forward the invitation.

Conscious Sexuality Retreat
25 - 28 September, Osho Oasis Knysna

If we know how to use our sexual energy, it can take us into a beautiful flowering of the heart, into deep states of bliss and serenity. Sexual energy can also open up our authentic wildness! The aim of this retreat is to encourage you into the full flowering of your sexuality - to the place of realizing your oneness with existence. This retreat is an intense, but blissful immersion in Tantric meditation using dance and movement, breathwork and sound. Cost: R2 500

Dragon's Nectar Tantra Intensive in the Drakensberg
Level 1: 20 - 23 November. Level 2: 23 - 25 November

In oriental mysticism our vital life force, our sexuality, is seen as dragon power or chi. Without access to the dragon power, to the raw potency of our eroticism, we lack the vitality to live our lives fully, and to endure the challenges that come on a path of awareness. And then the raw energy needs to be cultivated; the dragon needs to be tamed so that its power becomes useful rather than destructive to those with whom it shares company. This intensive will be a chance to open up the flow of our dragon power, your raw sexual energy - and then to refine this dragon juice into the nectar that feeds the sweetest quality of presence and awakeness in your life.
It was such a delight to spend a luxurious 5 days with fellow Tantra students on our recent Wild Coast Tantra retreat. Cost: Level 1 R2 300 Level 2 R1 200

Dreams in the pipeline

I am dreaming into the following events, of which I will send you details as things become clearer:

  • A Tantra Women's Retreat in the Little Karoo; a long weekend in October
  • A Tantric Dance Festival over Beltaine; end of October
  • Weekly Tantra meditations at my home; this will be by donations and will probably happen on a weekday morning. Let me know if you are interested.
  • A Touch of Woman workshop: The previous Touch of Woman workshop was exquisite; I am dreaming into the next one.
  • A 5 day non-residential winter Tantra retreat based in Cape Town
  • Tantra and Sound workshop: Stephen and I plan to do a bumper day workshop on Tantra and Sound towards the end of July/early August.

Finally, Rumi says:

The way is full of genuine sacrifice.
The thickets blocking the path are anything
that keeps you from that, any fear
that you may be broken to bits by a glass bottle.
This road demands courage and stamina,
Yet is is full of footprints!
Who are these companions?
They are rungs in your ladder. Use them!
With company you quicken your ascent.

So, beloveds, I hope that these offerings from my tree provide you some opportunities to keep each other company on this wild, exciting journey of awareness. Email me if you are interested in any of these events.

PS A special thanks to Marcelle di Pasquale and Ghalib Galant for their beautiful photo's


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