28 July 2009

August Tantra workshops - time to book

Hello beloveds,

August holds two one day workshops - Saturday is for women only, and Sunday for men and women. Details below. Please do full payment by 1 August.


Pure Power
A Tantric Workshop for Women
Saturday 8 August 10am - 5pm

Since ancient times, mystical traditions have understood that women's sexual power is a gateway to transcendence and a source of unconditional love. Why is it then that women have been so reluctant to own and live the power of their sexuality? For many women, past experience and patriarchal conditioning has raised in us this fundamental fear: For a woman to be in her sexuality, she has to sacrifice her innocence. And sure, as we open to our sexuality, we shed our naivity - we come to experience.  But opening to our sexuality also means coming to embody purity - becoming a vehicle for pure power to move through us.

Join me for a day workshop in which we will explore, through dance and enactment, the archetypes that have kept us stuck in old beliefs. We will then use breathwork, dance and ecstatic meditation to open to the full potential of feminine archetypes - to the many expressions of our pure power. What better way to celebrate Women's Day?

Cost: R650
Bookings: All women are welcome. Feel free to invite your friends. To book or inquire, contact Shakti at shakti@shakti.co.za or 0833010399. Shakti is a Tantra teacher with many year's experience of group work with women. For more on her work, see shakti.co.za and totalitytherapy.com. She is a member of the Advait Tantaschool tantraschool.co.za

Beyond Romantic Love
Tantra workshop for men and women
Sunday 9 August
Shakti Malan and Stephen Tredrea

On romantic love

As small children we learn about princes and princesses in far off kingdoms -
and the tragic circumstances that keep the potential lovers apart. Any romantic story that doesn't end tragically ends with "and they lived happily, ever after". We grow up with some investment in making this romantic dream come true. But the "happily ever after" part seem always tragically absent. We yearn for what which seems to be just out of our reach, thus the allure of romantic love is kept strong in us.But life goes on and none of really want to be bitter and twisted about loosing out, repeatedly. So what to do?

Beyond romantic love

The Tantric response to our dream of romantic love is:
Yes, there is a soulmate for you.
Yes, the love you are looking for does exist.
Yes, life can happen beyond our wildest dreams.
The secret is to start looking for these things in the right place: Inside ourselves.

A Tantric workshop

Our aim with the "beyond romantic love" workshop is to
  • guide you in discerning between what is real and what is illusion in the realm of love
  • give you powerful tools to stengthen and clarify your heart, so that you can really give and receive love
  • facilitate an experience where you can touch and be touched with the presence of love

Place: Sundara Sanctuary, Claremont Cape Town
Time: 10am - 5pm
Cost: R800
Bookings: For inquiries, contact Stephen at info@stephentredrea.com or Shakti at shakti@shakti.co.za 0833010399. To reserve your place on this workshop, please deposit full payment into the following account:
Dr. S. Malan
Standard Bank current account
Merriman Square branch (02-11-09-00)
Account number: 073152811



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