17 August 2009

Changes and new approaches in my Tantra practice

Hello beloveds,

In the last year, my Tantra practice has grown considerably in both width and depth. With this comes some changes.

Sessions with Stephen

Firstly, Stephen Tredrea, who has been apprenticing with me, is now also available for sessions; see stephentredrea.com. Stephen is a highly skilled catalyst; I am delighted that he has joined me in this work.

Phone and internet sessions

Secondly, it is time to put more structure to the processing opportunities that are officially available to you. As my work with students deepens, I find that you have a need for input and guidance from me in between contact sessions. It has been a sweet pleasure for me to support in this way so far as an act of friendship (which remains the approach I prefer in teaching.) However, it is no longer sustainable for me to be available at random as the requests increase. I have therefore devised the following structure:

As from tomorrow, existing students may book telephone or internet sessions with me as follow-up on work already done. Contact me and arrange a time for the conversation, if it is a conversation or a chat that you want. I may be able to give you a time in the next couple of days, whereas sessions usually have to be booked a week or more in advance. If you ask for my input or advice via internet or telephone conversation, you are booking a consultation. The cost of the consultation will be according to the length of the conversation or the time it takes me to respond via email. You may also indicate a limit to the length of response you want. My rate is R110 per 15 minutes or R450 per hour.

Our role as Tantrikas

Stephen and I are catalysts. We get guided to give you input that will assist you in moving through whatever keeps you from full presence and awareness. Our actions are often spontaneous and intuitive as information comes to us much like it does to psychics or medical intuitives. All we are doing, is dropping a pebble in the pond. The ripples will happen in your life, and life will graciously provide you with every opportunity to process whatever is at hand. What happens in your life as a consequence of a session with us, is life's gift to you.

Our responsibility is to catalyze and in that be as impeccably present with you during sessions or workshops as we can. Your life, and the unfolding of it (also what unfolds in response to contact with us), is your responsibility. Sometimes being responsible for your life means asking for assistance in the processing. You are welcome to book a follow-up session for that purpose. Face to face is better, but now you have these other options too. My wish is that this change will support a loving unfolding of awareness for us all.

With love


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