27 August 2009

Managing Tantra mail - and spam

Hello Tantra enthusiasts,

If you would like to just receive Tantra newsletters with a summary of forthcoming events, let me know and I will put you on a separate mailing list. This will mean that you will get significantly less mail from me. If you are seriously interested in attending events, you might want to stay on the current mailing list where I send out a notice on each event.

Since I regularly use a few words that web servers don't like (one starts with se..), you might find that my mail often lands in your spam bucket. You can stop this from happening by telling your mail server not to put any mails from me in the spam bucket. You will definitely be able to do this in gmail.

If at any point you wish to be removed from my mailing list, by all means feel free to let me know. And then also - if you want to tell you friends about it, please forward!

With love


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