07 August 2009

Seeding the wisdom years: course on the transition to menopause

Dear women,

Menopause is a time in a woman's life when she can move into the fullness of her spiritual potential. I am elated that Keriesa Botha is now offering courses for women to explore this most powerful time of our lives. I cannot think of a better guide to recommend to you on this journey.

Keriesa writes:


After many years of presenting the Retreat journey towards Menopause, I have now put a course together to assist in the transition to menopause. I am joined by wonderful co-presenters: Dr Denise Jones, former Sports Science professor; Dr Shakti Malan, teacher of Tantra and Bliss dance; Nola Davidson, nutritionist; Philomena Ward, artist and Psychophonetics Counsellor and Dr Henk Zeelenberg, gynaecologist.


I am sending you an A4 pamphlet as an attachment which gives an outline of the course. Please pass it on to anyone you might think would be interested.

I am also sending you the pages of the booklet which gives you more information on the course. You can open this by doing the following: Save the attachment onto your desktop, then right click, then zoom in if it is too small to view.


This course can be attended as a whole or in parts. It is open to 10 participants at a time. Bodywisdom Speaking days and Storytelling events are open to a maximum of 25 participants.


Kind Regards, and thank you for your support.


Please pass this information on to friends. I hope to see you on the course.

With love,







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