03 August 2009

Tantra as catalyst for world transformation

Hello beloveds,

This morning I read from The Tantric Path of Higher Consciousness (by S Saraswati and B Avinasha) the following:

"Tantrikas are threatening to those who wield power. One who has realized his true nature cannot be subjugated to the will of a religious or political structure. By the Yogi calendar we are now in the final stage of a debased age - Kali Yuga, the age of fire and destruction - a time when Tantra is lost to the world. It has been prophesied that Tantra will reappear in the age of Kali Yuga to unify the male and female energies. Recognizing our own inner female power is the only hope this planet has to save itself from its suicidal technology." (p5)

This paragraph speaks of three essential processes that need to happen for truth to break free into our world:

  1. breaking the shackles of societal beliefs and structures that no longer serve us
  2. the inner marriage between male and female - that which lies beyond romantic love - and
  3. embracing the power of the feminine.

This is interesting to me, as in the month of August there is a Tantra event happening, or starting, on each of there topics. They are:

1. The Erotic and Beyond Tantra course. By embracing both our fears and our desires in the realm of the erotic, we confront the beliefs that structures that have held us trapped in duality. This course is an immensely powerful way to move through deep unconscious societal patterning. Starting Monday 30 August; six Mondays in a row, cost R1 800

2. Beyond Romantic Love - a day workshop this coming Sunday, presented by Stephen Tredrea and myself. Here we will be looking at how we have been experiencing society's idea of love - romantic love - and the possibility that lies beyond that. You will be taught some of the most powerful tools that Tantra has to help you move into a different level of love. Cost R800.

3. Pure Power Tantra workshop this coming Sunday is a day workshop in which I will guide women in a)breaking through the patriarchal conditioning that has kept us from embraciing the power of our sexuality and b) giving you a deep and delicious taste of what happens in your body when, through relaxation, breathing and opening, you allow the flow of your sexual energy to rise up through your body.

There are still some places for each of these events. Details have been sent in previous emails, but feel free to ask for them again. Book soon!

And then, beyond the sharing of tools and experiences, I wish for each of you that these three levels of release and opening will happen in your lives. I wish that for the world that we live in. In fact, I know, I know that it is coming...

With love


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