19 August 2009

Using sexual energy consciously – and mining the unconscious

Hello beloveds,

The ancient mystics discovered that our sexual energy can be turned into a potent source for spiritual awakening. This energy is also the only energy in the body that can be multiplied – and much more than multiplied. The Chinese masters see its cultivation as the way to immortality. This journey takes some guidance. So herewith, some ideas from me, and events where you can practice.

Conscious sexuality..

While this might sound strange to most people, I think participants in my last Conscious Sexuality Retreat in Knysna would say that they had a good immersion in the potential that the mystics speak about. I think they even felt a bit immortal for a while there - the energy was raised so high. Here is what we did on the weekend:
  • Activating your raw sexual potency: Before we can turn sexual energy into a spiritual force, we need to first evoke this energy and welcome it in our beings. The main method I use for this purpose is some pretty wild dancing, which always takes people beyond where they thought they would go. You might find this surprising, but everyone can dance themselves into a wild, delicious animal.
  • Freeing up expression: We grow up in a society that inhibits expression quite a bit. This contributes to the suppression of our sexual energy. To free up the flow of our sexual energy, we do some of Osho's marvelous meditations that liberate your voice and your movements. These include Dynamic meditation,  Kundalini meditation and Gibberish.
  • Connecting sexual and heart energy: For the transformation of sexual energy, it is essential that we find the connection in flow between our sex center and our heart center. This we do on the retreat through meditations that take you deep into self loving and opens you to heart awareness of the other.
  • Finding your silent center: A beautiful dimension of the retreat is the dropping into a deep but alive silence that happens. This occurs because of guided meditations in which we take energy and attention into the shushumna or central energy channel in the body.
  • Utilizing the breath:  If you want to transform sexual energy into spiritual energy, flowing with your breath becomes essential. You learn to do this on the retreat as we practice some of the beautiful breath meditations from the Vigyam Bhairav Tantra. They are profound but also simple.
  • Shared sexual meditation: The crowning experience of the retreat is partner meditation. Meditations are done sitting opposite your partner or the person you are partnered with, and building energy in solo meditation through breath, movement and sound. Then partners come together and circulate this energy between them.  This can be done with or without touch, and is powerful even when fully clothed. Through these meditations you will learn what happens when two people build sexual energy together and allow it to travel up through the chakras. I have seen people experience life from a whole new perspective after these meditations.

If this experience is what you are looking for, my next Conscious Sexuality Retreat in Knysna is 25 – 27/28 September. You are welcome to come on your own or with a partner. This retreat is an immersion in some of the fundamentals of the conscious practice of sexuality. For full details see http://totalitytherapy.com/events/2009/08/conscious-sexuality-retreat-knysna-25.html. The Dragon's Nectar retreat in the Drakensberg 20 - 25 November will take this theme further.

... and mining the unconscious

Underneath our conscious practice lies everything that is held in the unconscious – the fears and desires that pull us out of the present moment. Unless you were born enlightened, your ego structure will have formed around these fears and desires. We call them unconscious because that is literally what they are - in the unconscious. Even if you consciously notice yourself repeating the same patterns all the time – say, for instance, acting like your parents even though you swore to yourself you never would – the mental cognition of this pattern is not sufficient to help us release the pattern.

Tantra has a set of magnificent techniques for helping you mine – or integrate back into your life – the energy that is held in unconscious fears and desires. I use the word "mine" purposefully, as you will literally be regaining the gold and diamonds from the depth of your psyche. The main vehicle that we use is the outplay of these fears and desires in your sexuality – and specifically, in your eroticism. First, we have ways to help you get in touch with what is in your eroticism. Then we assist you in exploring these themes – in an embodied, holistic way, not just conceptually. What happens as a consequence is a rewiring of your emotional and nervous system. This is deep and potent work. Not for the faint hearted, but definitely something to consider for spiritual warriors.

If work with the unconscious attracts you, consider doing my Tantra Foundation Course – The Erotic and Beyond. This starts on the last Monday of August and stretches over six weeks.  For details see http://totalitytherapy.com/events/2009/07/erotic-and-beyond-tantra-foundation.html



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