12 October 2009

Beyond Polarity in Love and Intimacy

Tantric Practice for Women
Third chakra course
Beyond polarity in love and intimacy
Saturday 17 October
10am - 1pm, The Outer Robe Loop St Cape Town


Have you ever wondered why the moments of our greatest bliss in love and intimacy seem to always be accompanied by the opposite experience? The higher we fly, the deeper we fall. Why is it that the very things that most attract us to someone become the things that later most annoy us? The next women's workshop, this Saturday, explores the fundamental principle underlying these mysteries that occur in love. Simply put, the principle is thus: Our ego structures, that define our current sense of ourselves, are formulated around polarities. At any given point, until our full awakening, we will have unconscious fears and desires - polarities that co-exist and attract each other. Our inner and outer sense of unity and integration increases as we identify and process these unconscious polarities. This workshop will be an opportunity to acquire skills - technologies - that you can use to identify and process polarities as they happen in your life.

The clear definition of polarities is part of what develops through our individuation in the third chakra. As we learn to identify and process polarities, our ability to discern and act appropriately increases significantly.

Cost: R350
Bookings: Please book asap, and no later than 24 hours before the event, as I need to send you directions.

Wednesday is my birthday; feel free to join me for lunch at Radissons (Moille Point) after Saturday's workshop.

With love


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