21 October 2009

Tantra news: Upcoming events

Hello beloveds,

Herewith a summary of events planned for the rest of the year. It is time to book for all three!


Introduction to Tantra Retreat
Gecko Creek, Cederberg

6 - 8 November
Rahasya and Shakti, assisted by Stephen

This retreat is an ideal opportunity to get introduced to the approach, method and practice of Tantra, the art of sacred sexuality. If you have been on this mailing list for a while, waiting for the right moment - then now is the time to take the plunge! Imagine a weekend of sitting in a circle around a fire or in a cool lapa, of lazing in the sun around a pool overlooking the endless mountains of the Cederberg, of coming to touch the mysteries of your sacred sexuality through discussion and gentle practice while being held by two experienced practitioners and the fresh, welcoming breath of nature.

Themes that will be covered on this retreat are:
  • The history, purpose and intent of Tantra. Tantra is an ancient mystery practice involving the use of sexuality for awakening. It has taken many forms in different traditions, and today has become accessible to sincere seekers in a new way.
  • Sexuality, magic(k)al practice and spirituality. There is power in sexual energy that can greatly support us in our spiritual quest, if we know how to tap into it.
  • Understanding eroticism. We work with Plato's dictum that "Eros leads to Gnosis." Our eroticism can reveal deeper knowledge to us, in that it is an excellent guide to help uncover what is in the unconscious.
  • Advaita and the Yoga of mind-training. Advaita means non-duality. Tantra as taught in our school, is a practice that takes you beyond the dualistic thinking that keeps our existing ego identities in place.
  • The Heart meditation of Atisha. This meditation is a primary tool to assist us in moving into the practice of unconditional love.
Cost: R1320 pp facilitation fee and accommodation included

Full details: http://shakti.co.za/events/2009/10/introduction-to-tantra-retreat-friday-6.html

Dragon's Nectar Tantra Intensive
20 - 25 November
Drakensberg Mountain Retreat Center
Shakti, assisted by Stephen

The dragon represents our raw instinctual power, our primal connection to the elements, our uninhibited expression. It is the dragon in us that can roar in ecstasy when we make love. It is the dragon that can dance with abandon, in tenderness and in magnificence. In oriental mysticism our vital life force, our sexuality, is seen as dragon power or chi. Without access to the dragon power, to the raw potency of our eroticism, we lack the vitality to live our lives fully, and to endure the challenges that come on a path of awareness.

Nectar is the pure juice of presence that flows when our dragon power gets filled with awareness. The raw energy of the dragon needs to be cultivated; the dragon needs to be tamed so that its power becomes useful rather than destructive to those with whom it shares company.

This intensive will be an opportunity to open up the flow of your dragon power, your raw sexual energy - and then to refine this dragon juice into the nectar that feeds the sweetest quality of presence and awakeness in your life. For this we will use a combination of Tantric methods: active meditations, dance and movement, breath work, sound work and tantric meditations. The retreat is open to all who are ready to live with totality.

Cost: R3 500pp sharing includes facilitation, meals and accommodation
Full details: http://shakti.co.za/events/2009/06/dragons-nectar-retreat-20-25-november.html and http://totalitytherapy.com/blog/2009/10/inner-and-outer-heat-in-tantra-in.html

First Annual Conference of Sacred Sexual Educators
27 - 29 November, Johannesburg

An event for all those who are interested in learning and teaching sacred sexuality - conveniently situated in Johannesburg - and featuring great local and international presenters. Rahasya, Stephen and myself will be there!


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