27 October 2009

Tantra retreat in the Drakensberg 20 - -25 November: Time to book

Hello beloveds,

It is time to book...

Dragon's Nectar Tantra Retreat

20 - 25 November 2009

Shakti Malan and Stephen Tredrea
Drakensberg Mountain Retreat Center



Tantra is a collective name used for the ancient mystery practices that access, channel and catalyze sexual energy as a force of awakening. These practices have now become available to us, and opening to their gifts can happen remarkably quickly with the guidance of experienced Tantrikas. Sexuality is a potent force because
  • it gives us keys to integrating what is in our unconscious and
  • our sexual energy or vital life force, also known as kundalini, can take us into pure presence.
The practice of Tantra invites you to be fully alive, without judgment or suppression of anything that is in your life. It beckons you into a state of unconditional love, where existence itself becomes the beloved. It opens your heart and your being to the presence of your sexual beloved in blissful, transformative meditation.

Dragon's Nectar retreat

The Dragon's Nectar is an opportunity for you to become acquainted with, and drink deeply from, the well of experience that is Tantra. the retreat is structured to accommodate both newcomers and those of you who have already started your exploration of Tantra. If you have a deep commitment to awakening, and if you are willing for profound transformation  of your reality and your sense of yourself, then this retreat is for you. You are welcome on your own or with a partner, and persons of all sexual orientations are invited.

The theme of this retreat, Dragon's Nectar, points to two essential elements of Tantric practice:

  • Awakening the fire of your sexual energy or vital life force and
  • Refining the quality of your sexual energy into the nectar of the divine.

This intensive will be an opportunity to open up the flow of your dragon power, your raw sexual energy - and then to refine this dragon juice into the nectar that feeds the sweetest quality of presence and awakeness in your life.

The objectives of the retreat are:
  • To awaken and release the flow of your sexual energy into the flame of presence
  • To free up your capacity for feeling, experience and sensation
  • To assist you in integrating dualities that keep your energy and your sense of yourself in limited expression
  • To introduce you to methods and techniques that bring the fire of Tantric presence into your lovemaking
  • To refine your sensitivity and awareness of energy and the presence of the other
  • To increase your ability to direct sexual energy as a force of awakening
  • To welcome the inner lovemaking that happens when we open up to the unique expressions of feminine and masculine energies in ourselves and in each other
The challenge of Tantra is: How much bliss can you stand? This retreat is an opportunity for you to explore further - how much are you willing to let yourself feel? Are you willing to feel your raw instinctual power? Are you willing to feel all your emotions and sensations without judgment and suppression? Are you willing to increase your capacity to stand the bliss of subtlety? Are you ready to start feeling the blue flames of tantric presence ripple over your skin? Are you ready to let every breath become an act of love?


 For this we will use a combination of Tantric methods:
active meditations
dance and movement
breath work
sound work
tantric meditations
sensory exploration
touch sensitivity training

Shakti and Stephen, the presenters

Shakti Malan is presenting this retreat and will be assisted by Stephen Tredrea. We are both members of the Advait Tantraschool (tantraschool.co.za). Shakti is a dakini (female tantra teacher) with a full and lively practice based in Cape Town and has been running retreats across South Africa. She has extensive experience in retreat facilitation and a deeply lived understanding of Tantric work. She holds Ph.D. in Sosial Anthropology. For more on Shakti's work and approach, see shakti.co.za and totalitytherapy.com. Stephen is a daka (male tantra teacher) who beautifully embodies in his life and work the right approach of the masculine towards the feminine. For more on Stephen, see stephentredrea.com

The venue: Drakensberg Mountain Retreat

The Drakensberg is the ideal setting for this retreat. This exquisite mountain range has been named "Dragon Mountain" because it evokes exactly the quality of a dragon for the onlooker. The Drakensberg Mountain Retreat has been home to some of the finest retreats in the country since its opening. Do yourself a favor and go have a look: www.drakensbergretreat.co.za. The center is situated a mere 3 hours from Johannesburg on the road to Durban. We will endeavour to coordinate transport between retreatants coming from Cape Town.

Cost and bookings

The cost for the five days, all inclusive, is R3 500. We have kept our facilitation fee at a minimum to make this experience accessible to you.

It is now time to book.

Please contact Shakti at shakti@shakti.co.za if you have any questions.

Full payment is required now. Banking details are:

Dr. S. Malan
Standard Bank current account
Merriman Square branch (02-11-09-00)
Account number: 073152811

With love

"Some day, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides, and gravity, we will harness for God the energies of love; and then for the second time in the history of the world, men will have discovered fire!" – Theilard de Chardin


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