23 January 2010

Big Questions Series: February Monday night Workshops

Hello beloveds,

Every Monday night of February I will be presenting a workshop addressing one of the big questions students have asked me about Tantric practice. My focus in this series is going to be on sexuality, intimacy and relationship. You are welcome to come to individual workshops, though you will benefit most if you come to each one.

The Big Tantric Questions series
Monday nights 7 - 10/11pm
R350 pp per workshop

Workshops will involve
input from me
practice (meditation, breathwork, roleplay, movement and dance)

Monday 1 February
Intimacy: What blocks it and how to deepen it

  • Love and sex: finding the connection, opening the flow
  • body armoring: how the body takes on the heart's defendedness
  • how the hear gets defended/ why we lose intimacy
  • intimacy with who?
  • techniques for clearing your intimacy blocks/opening the flow

Monday 8 February
Foreplay vs Loveplay: How to approach lovemaking

  • Excitement and projection (foreplay) vs building presence and love (love play)
  • How to approach love play
  • Techniques for raising sexual energy

Monday 15 February
Conscious Sex

  • How sex goes unconscious (suppression of desires and fears, fantasy, projection, body memory)
  • Bringing consciousness back (breath and presencing techniques in lovemaking)

Monday 22 February
Relationship, commitment, faithfulness

  • Types of relationships (monogamy, open relationship, polyamory)
  • Exploring commitment and depth
  • Exploring faithfulness and trust
  • Love versus possession, projection and fantasy

Monday 1 March
Tantric Orgasm: Building sexual energy

  • Genital sex versus spiritual sex
  • Sex up the chakras
  • Techniques for raising sexual energy

Bookings: Respond to this email or sms me on 0833010399. Places are limited. These workshops are introductory, though I will be discussing and exploring new information that old-time students can benefit from.


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