05 January 2010

Erotic and beyond: Tantra foundation course starting 1 February 2010

Erotic and Beyond
Tantra Foundation Course
Monday evenings 1 February - 1 March 2010
7 - 11pm
Noordhoek Cape Town
5 - 7 March Gecko Creek, Cederberg


Course objective

This course is a first and powerful step towards the freedom that Tantra offers as a practice. It requires of you to embrace both your fears and your desires in the realm of the erotic, and to feel the feelings that emerge from here. You will be taught techniques to process the emotional and mental patters that arise from the practice. The course can offer powerful release and healing from old experiences and expectations around sexuality. Expert facilitation will ensure that the course meets each individual where they are at.

This course is a prerequisite for the level 2 and level 3 Tantra courses that will follow after Erotic and Beyond.

Aims of the Tantra Foundation Course

Aim 1: Lifting taboos and suppression

In the days when Tantra was only practiced as a secret mystery tradition, one of the first steps that a new initiate had to take was to break their cultural taboos. If you were raised a Jain Hindu, you would be asked to eat meat and drink alcohol – both of which are highly taboo in that culture. Breaking your personal or cultural taboos asks of you to face your biggest fears. In this course, we will engage our personal and collective taboos in a fun but challenging way.

Suppressions are all experiences that have become unconscious in you. Most often, these were experiences that were unpleasant or frightening to you in the past – emotionally, physically or spiritually. What we are not able or willing to feel completely in the moment, becomes trapped in the body as unconscious patterns that influence everything – especially our sexuality. We will work gently at touching these places and allowing full consciousness to return.

Aim 2: Embracing fantasies and desires

By paying attention to what you desires and fantasies are, you can integrate unconscious or hidden aspects of your being. Whereas lifting taboos and suppressions is about facing your fears, this aim is about saying yes to your desires. One of our dictums in Tantra is: How much bliss can you stand? Since many of us have been raised in traditions of religious austerity, it takes some individuation to embrace pleasure as a gateway to higher understanding.

We will encourage this individuation by exploring your fantasies and desires and giving space for them to be expressed in appropriate ways.

Aim 3: Integrating polarities

One main reason why we stay stuck in limited beliefs about ourselves is that our ego structures are bound up in polarity. Polarities split experience into opposites – what is desired and what is feared, what attracts us and what we are repulsed by, what we see as good and what as evil. These polarities are mostly unconscious in us, and as with fears and desires, they govern and direct our lives.

To go deeper in awareness of who we really are, it is important to find ways of processing these polarities. On this course, you will be taught tools to identify and integrate the polarities that limit your sense of yourself. In the process, you will develop a witness – the ability to observe the story of your life without taking it so seriously.

Who is the course for?

This course for people who are on a committed quest for greater awareness and presence in their lives, and who want to include their sexuality in this journey. Some previous introductory work with me is recommended. You are also welcome to do the course a second time as most certainly new material will be revealed to you. Please note that place is limited to ten participants, so book soon.

Feedback from participants on previous Erotic and Beyond course

"The Erotic and Beyond Workshop was maximum growth over a short period of time...Shakti is an incredible facilitator...I felt extremely held and supported...her insight is invaluable and so accurate...I would highly recommend trusting the process."

"I don't think anything in adult life has shaken me up more than this course. It forced me to look at stuff that had lived under the carpet for much of my post -pubescent life (and even some stuff from before, if the truth be told).The ongoing effects are still bubbling up in the form of realisations (both minor and major), that are changing and stabilising the way I act, think and feel.That's the serious bit: on the other hand it was more fun than is normally legal...
Be brave: do it!"

"I had an opportunity to recover and experience previously incompletely felt feelings at the core of my life. In the space Shakti creates, of loving awareness and acceptance, I felt it possible to embrace these feelings, feel them fully without shirking from them, and love them back into my whole life, warming them with the fire of my presence, and letting them melt away, leaving me stronger and open and clear. Before the course, difficult feelings would often block me and make me withdraw. Now I sense a greater capacity for feeling, for being with difficult feelings, of experiencing them fully and moving beyond them into new possibilities."

The facilitator: Shakti Malan is a full time practicing dakini who has significant experience as a group facilitator. For more on her work and life, see totalitytherapy.com and shakti.co.za. She will be assisted in this course by daka Stephen Tredrea; see stephentredrea.com.

Course fee: R2 500 includes all facilitation and excludes Gecko Creek weekend accommodation.
Bookings and inquiries: Shakti@shakti.co.za or 0833010399


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