09 February 2010

Big Questions Series: February Monday night Workshops

The Big Tantric Questions series
Monday 15 February
Conscious Sex 7 - 10/11pm
R350 pp

  • How sex goes unconscious (suppression of desires and fears, fantasy, projection, body memory)
  • Bringing consciousness back (breath and presencing techniques in lovemaking)
Workshops will involve
input from me
practice (meditation, breathwork, roleplay, movement and dance)

Bookings: Respond to this email or sms me on 0833010399. Please book by Friday. These workshops are introductory, though I will be discussing and exploring new information that old-time students can benefit from.

Coming up:

Monday 22 February
Relationship, commitment, faithfulness

  • Types of relationships (monogamy, open relationship, polyamory)
  • Exploring commitment and depth
  • Exploring faithfulness and trust
  • Love versus possession, projection and fantasy

Monday 1 March
Tantric Orgasm: Building sexual energy

  • Genital sex versus spiritual sex
  • Sex up the chakras
  • Techniques for raising sexual energy


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