24 February 2010

Big Questions Series: Monday night Workshop on Tantric Orgasm

Tantric Orgasm: Building sexual energy
Shakti and Stephen
Monday 1 March
7 - 10/11pm
Cost R350 pp
Venue to be confirmed

This workshop is an introduction to the sexual meditation of Tantra. Tantric practitioners are interested in building sexual energy and supporting the flow of this energy through the whole body as a force for awakening and pure, blissful presence. The workshop will give you a taste of some of the basic techniques and approaches we use. Some themes to be covered:
  • Genital sex versus spiritual sex
  • Sex up the chakras
  • Techniques for raising sexual energy

Bookings: Respond to this email or sms me on 0833010399. These workshop is introductory, though I will be discussing and exploring new information that old-time students can benefit from.

For more on us, see shakti.co.za and stephentredrea.com


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