17 February 2010

Tantric Awareness Retreat 12 - 15 March 2010, Knysna Forest

Tantric Awareness Retreat (Level 2)


with Rahasya and Shakti

12 - 15 March 2010
Lotus Garden Forest Retreat Centre* Knysna
*previously Osho Oasis

You are invited to a deep immersion into the mysteries of Tantra under the guidance of two experienced Tantrikas.  Profound shifts have happened for people on this retreat over the years. Come celebrate your devotion and surrender to the truth/ existence/ the Tao/ the divine in all of us. We will take you by the hand on a journey of uncovering and moving through projections, associations, fantasies and fears in order to access the spiritual power of your sexuality. Activities include movement and dancing, a deep exploration of your eroticism, Tantric touch and various forms of enactment. The aim of this retreatTantric work.

Please book by end February.

Cost R3 100 includes accommodation and all meals** The retreat starts 6pm on Friday and concludes 11am on Monday.
is to unlock unconscious material touched by your eroticism  - a prerequisite for deeper


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