15 March 2010

Women's Tantra Workshop 27 March: The dance of life and death

Women's Tantra Workshop
Base Chakra: The Dance of Life and Death
Saturday 27 March 10am - 1pm
Persephone Institute Hout Bay


 Please join in for a morning's exploration of Tantra for Women. This is the fourth and final workshop on the Base Chakra, the seat of our power. Our theme next Saturday is the Dance of Life and Death. The base chakra is what connects us to our aliveness as human beings - to our desire, and our will to live. But in order to live fully, we have to come to accept the fundamental truth that we are also busy dying. Every day, we experience smaller and larger deaths. Every time we let go of something that we valued, this is a little death. Orgasm is called a little death. Every time we enter a moment fully, we die to what came before - and what comes after. Embracing our dying can bring us to the fullness of our aliveness in exquisite ways. It will be powerful to share this with a group of women.

These workshops are open to all; you need not have come to other workshops before.   Booking is however essential. Once you reply to this email, we will send you further details.
Cost: R350.

Please feel free to send this email on to other women friends.
PS please book with Ahrian (ahrian@shakti.co.za).


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