05 April 2010

The art of Conscious Sexuality - Wed 7 April 2010

Hello again,
Sexual energy.  This week Shakti and Stephen teach us how to embrace our sexual energy, harness what comes naturally and transform your life.
Please note: there has been a slight change in our calendar with Kiki Theo now talking on the 21 April.
Remember you are welcome to invite anyone whom you think may be interested to join you for these talks.  
Have a lovely long weekend and remember chocolate is totally legal on Sunday !!!
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The 8 O'clock club team 
The 8 O'Clock Club provides
  • An opportunity to hear experts in unusual  fields or people who have had unique experiences.  
  • A meeting place for people who like to think for themselves, and to gain new insight into their lives 
  • An exploration of the many new concepts that are shaping the modern worldview.

The art of Conscious Sexuality
with Dr Shakti Malan and Stephen Tredrea

Our sexuality is a source of tremendous power and energy. While it remains unconscious or suppressed, the best we can hope for is to have a bit of fun with it. When we bring awareness to our sexual energy, it becomes a force for the awakening of who we truly are. This talk is an introduction to the ancient art of consciously working with sexual energy by two specialists who know the field intimately. 

  Topics we will introduce

  • Understanding the power of sexual energy/kundalini
  • How sexuality helps us integrate what is in the unconscious
  • How the body responds to sexual energy 
  • How to turn sexual energy into a force for the awakening and love
About Shakti and Stephen
Shakti and Stephen run a busy practice in the art of conscious sexuality. Their work includes individual and couples sessions, workshops and retreats. They are based in Cape Town but teach across the country and internationally. Shakti has a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology and has been presenting consciousness retreats and workshops for more than a decade. For more on her work, see 
shakti.co.za and totalitytherapy.com. Stephen has been working with awareness and sexuality for many years, more
recently sharing this with others through the work he offers with
Shakti. For more on Stephen, see 
stephentredrea.com. Stephen and Shakti are members of the Advait Tantraschool, see tantraschool.co.za

7 April      The art of conscious sexuality  with Shakti Malan and Stephen Tredrea
14 April   
Down the rabbit hole: two psychotherapists share a healing tail ! 
         with Dr Jana Lazarus and Miranda Wannenburgh

21 April   
Money and Relationshops  with Kiki Theo    www.moneyalchemy.com

5 May      
Discovering the art of MORE  with Clive Harvey Fox

The talks start promptly at 8pm and will finish by 10pm.
Please try and arrive by 7.50pm, so that we can start on time.

All are welcome - no advance booking required.
Entrance fee:  R40
Pensioners: R20
Refreshments provided.
The Pavilion, Grove Primary School, Claremont.
Entrance in Bishoplea Road, Claremont (see map below).
Take Protea Road, turn into Mark Rd, at the stop street turn RIGHT into Bishoplea Road and at the Chubb security container office turn LEFT into the parking area.

Distributed by The 8 O'Clock Club
Contact cell numbers: 082 224 7641 or 083 3271 921 or 083 6277 417 or 083 359 3270
Email: gabby@circlestories.co.za


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