08 April 2010

Inner Soulmate Tantra Foundation Course - possibility to change start dates

Beloveds, just to let you know that the starting date for this course runs over a public holiday. It is possible for me to change the starting date for the course if it would make it easier for you to attend. Love Shakti

The Inner Soulmate
Tantra Foundation Course
Facilitated by Shakti
Mondays 26 April - 31 May, 7 - 11pm
Fish Hoek, Cape Town

Tantra Foundation Course

Tantra foundation courses are for people who wish to enter into an in-depth exploration of the wisdom that Tantra offers. The course can transform your life, challenge you to your core, and open you to the heights of bliss. Are you ready?

Course objective

In our collective psyches the dream of finding the Soulmate moves strongly - that 'other' who will meet and fulfill me completely. And, as my teacher Rahasya says: "There is a real soulmate for each one of us. But that person is inside." Inside ourselves we are both masculine and feminine. The lovers and loved ones that cross our paths are our mirrors for where we are in the inner relationship between male and female. They can also be a rich fulfillment - and embodiment - of our inner Soulmate.

The split between masculine and feminine in us is a primary polarity. A central aim of Tantra is the integration of this polarity. With that comes an experience of who you really are, in all your rich diversity. Paradoxically, as we embrace our inner Soulmate, a new fruitfulness becomes possible in our outer relationships.


Aim 1: Owning projections

The significant men or women in our lives are important mirrors for us of our other halves; our masculine side if we are feminine, and our feminine side if we are masculine. What we have not consciously come to accept in ourselves, we unconsciously project out on to others. Owning projections and accepting their gifts can be one of the most liberating, enlivening experiences of your life.

Aim 2: Meeting your Soulmate

It is possible to get intimately acquainted with your inner Soulmate. In this course we will do so through
• Shamanic journeywork and
• Gestalt role-play

Aim 3: Deepening the inner relationship

Once you have met your inner Soulmate, you can deepen this relationship. We will do so on this course through
• A live, experiential exploration of male/ female ways of being in the world
• Diarizing and sharing ongoing insights about the inner relationship as it unfolds during the course.

The Facilitator

For more on Shakti, see shakti.co.za and totalitytherapy.com

Course fee
: R2 000

Bookings: Please book with Ahrian: Ahrian@shakti.co.za. Please note that this course will be limited to 12 participants, so book early to avoid disappointment:

Dr. S. Malan
Standard Bank current account
Merriman Square branch (02-11-09-00)
Account number: 073152811
Email confirmation to ahrian@shakti.co.za

Inquiries: Please feel free to contact Shakti shakti@shakti.co.za or 0833010399 with any questions you may have


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