12 April 2010

Tantra News

Hello beloveds,

Stephen and I are just back from the Drakenberg after an exquisite Tantric Love Retreat. I am so grateful for every opportunity like this, where we get to go deeper into the real, touch what is to be revealed in each person, and feel the expansion of love in our field. My wish is for the awakening of love and the unfolding of consciousness through this work, and that each of us may expand in our capacity to live in Bliss.

This Tantra news is the first to be sent through Ahrian, Tantra Cape Town's new Admin Angel. Please respond to this mail - or write to her at ahrian@shakti.co.za - for all bookings of group events. I will no longer be doing group bookings myself. You are still welcome to write me mail though.

We are considering the possibililty of sending monthly emails as summary of events rather than sending emails for every event taking place. Let us have your feedback on this concept.


You may have noticed by now that the websites of our school constantly get updated with new input. You will find a wealth of information here. Have a look at the school's general websites, tantraschool.co.za and advaittantra.com. Stephen has a fabulously funky website stephentredrea.com. And here are some of the blog articles that have appeared recently on my two websites, shakti.co.za and totalitytherapy.com. Go have a read, and feel free to leave comments.

What is Tantra?

The victim-rescuer-predator triangle

Safety, boundaries and ethics in Tantra

Tantric approach to kissing

Personal love up the chakras

What is Tantric Orgasm?

Lastly, this one, which has been the favorite so far

A Tantric Perspective on Love

Retreats coming up

Introduction to Tantra Retreat
30 April – 2 May: Gecko Creek, Cederberg
with Shakti and Stephen

This retreat is an ideal opportunity to get introduced to the approach, method and practice of Tantra, the art of sacred sexuality. This retreat is accessible to all sincere seekers of truth. If you are already familiar with Tantra and want to come soak up more - or bring a friend along - you are most welcome. Imagine a weekend of sitting in a circle around a fire or in a cool lapa, of lazing in the sun around a pool overlooking the endless mountains of the Cederberg, of coming to touch the mysteries of your sacred sexuality through discussion and gentle practice while being held by two experienced practitioners and the fresh, welcoming breath of nature.

Tantric Love Retreat

with Shakti and Stephen
20 - 23 May 2010: Gecko Creek, Cederberg

In Chinese medicine, the element of the heart is fire. When the fire of our sexual energy meets the fire of our hearts, love becomes infused with power. This retreat is for those of you who are ready to go deeper into the practice of Tantric Love.  Introductory level experience is required. The challenge of Tantra is: How much bliss can you stand? This retreat is an opportunity for you to explore further - how much are you willing to let yourself feel? Are you willing to feel your raw instinctual power? Are you willing to feel all your emotions and sensations without judgment and suppression? Are you willing to increase your capacity to stand the bliss of subtlety? Are you ready to start feeling the blue flames of Tantric presence ripple over your skin? Are you ready to let every breath become an act of love? This retreat will teach you how.

Cost: Cederberg R2 100 excludes accommodation, meals prepared together

Gecko Creek accommodation fees
* Cabin R270 pppn
* Tent R180 pppn
* Camping R110 pppn (Own tent and bedding)


The Soulmate Within

Six Mondays 3 May - 31 May, 7 – 11pm
Fish Hoek
Course fee R2 000

In our collective psyches the dream of finding the Soulmate moves strongly - that 'other' who will meet and fulfill me completely. And, as my teacher Rahasya says: "There is a real soulmate for each one of us. But that person is inside." Inside ourselves we are both masculine and feminine. The lovers and loved ones that cross our paths are our mirrors for where we are in the inner relationship between male and female. They can also be a rich fulfillment - and embodiment - of our inner Soulmate.


Stephen and Shakti have recently had requests to repeat short, introductory workshops for groups of friends. Please feel free to contact us if you have a group of friends who would like to attend a workshop together. If you get a group together (8 - 12 people), you attend for free. If you host the event, you come free with a partner or friend. The cost for a 3 - 4 hour workshop is R350 - R450 per person. An example of this is the following:

The Art of Conscious Sexuality workshop
Friday 16 April Woodstock, Cape Town
A practical workshop with theoretical input
  • Understanding the power of sexual energy/kundalini
  • How our sexuality helps us integrate what is in the unconscious
  • How to build sexual energy
  • How to turn sexual energy into a force for the awakening of the undivided heart

 Bookings: Please book with Tenille by latest Thursday, tskorge@mweb.co.za

Women's workshops

These are the dates for upcoming women's workshops. Full details have been supplied in a previous email. Feel free to inquire if you want us to re-send. Most workshops are taking place at Persephone Institute in Hout Bay

Sexuality and Belonging: Saturday 17 April 10am – 1pm

Virgin, Whore and Women's Union: Saturday 8 May 10am – 1pm

Listening to Yoni: Saturday 29 May 10am – 1pm


BlissDance is a guided free movement space that I designed as a space to practice and explore the principles of Tantra in the body. There is a strong emphasis on connecting with the wisdom of your body, your authentic expression, and on finding the real of intimacy and connection with others. Classes are most Wednesdays 7.15 - 9pm in Kalk Bay, cost is R80, write to us if you want more details or wish to be on the mailing list.


From January 2010, the fee for a session with Shakti or Stephen will be R450 - no price increase from last year. Here are your options:

One hour session: Introductory of follow-up consultation which takes the form of a discussion; practice is unlikely.
Two hours session: This has been the standard time of sessions for the last three years. The extra hour allows time to do practical/experiential sessions work.
Three hours and beyond: Couples' sessions usually are three hours as we will be engaging the realities of the relationship as well as both individuals present. Individual sessions can go up to three hours or longer. This usually happens when deep transformation processes are catalyzed.

Sessions with Stephen: As Daka, Stephen works under my guidance. Sessions with Stephen are usually follow-ups on sessions with Shakti. I first assess what is required.
Sessions with Shakti and Stephen: If Stephen and Shakti are both required in a session, our joint fee is R600 an hour. Sessions with both of us can bring profound release, particularly for women and for couples.



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