27 May 2010

Shakti in the UK, the USA and Canada: travel details

Hello beloveds,

Several of you have asked for details of my travel plans for the two months coming. Please find below. If you have friends in these areas that will be interested in my work, let them know! My gratitude to all who have helped to make this journey of discovering, giving, loving, sharing and learning possible. I hope to come back with much to give.

If you would like to hear about my travel experiences, I suggest you subscribe to my blog at shakti.co.za/blog or become a member of Dakini Shakti fanpage on Facebook. I will also be tweeting on twitter.

While I am away, Stephen will continue to host Tantra events; subscribe to his mailing list at stephentredrea.com if you would like to be kept informed. Stephen will also be continuing BlissDance in my absence, yay!

I am due back on 20 July and have much delight in store for you thereafter.
In summary, some of the events (see shakti.co.za for more details):

Introduction to Conscious Sexuality evening workshop end July 2010
Tantra for Women workshops every second Saturday starting end July again.
Erotic and Beyond Tantra Foundation Course August-September 2010
Tantric Love Advanced Tantra Course October - November 2010
Skydancing Women's Retreat September 2010 Cape Town
Conscious Sexuality Retreat early October 2010 Knysna

6 June 2010
10:00 - 18:00
Sexual healing through Tantric Practice -
Healing Sexual Trauma


Dr Shakti Malan
Totality Therapy

Neal's Yard Meeting Rooms
Covent Garden
To book call Uta
0789 111 8487
or register on-line

£105 if booked before 6 May


Sexual healing through Tantric Practice -

Healing Sexual Trauma
with Dr Shakti Malan

Sexual trauma

Sexual trauma can occur through the subtlest of means. Its impact on our individual lives and on society is vastly underestimated. It is an area of work in which I have extensive experience, both in individual and group contexts. This workshop brings you my my approach to working with sexual trauma and on how I listen to the songs being sung by these old wounds.

Is sexual trauma caused only be sexual touch? What about the impact of sexual innuendo and emotional incest? What is the impact of sexual trauma at various stages of our lives?

Sexual trauma memories are often held in the unconscious. Here we take a good look at how these unconscious memories make themselves known - through body/celllular memory, through associations in sexual life and through erotic fantasy. When we recognize these ways in which the body reveals its stories, we can encourage the old songs to be sung so that what was denied, can now be accepted and integrated into the body. An excellent tool for working with the body's response to trauma memory is following the rhythm of contraction and expansion that happens in the nervous system when old trauma gets touched. I discuss how I do this in practice, and teach you practices to do so yourself.


The Tantric response

The practice of Tantra asks of us to be total - to be willing to feel every emotion that arises, to sit in the fire of sometimes unbearable sensation. When we can be with the body's wise response in patience and totality, a deep integration happens in us. We find our "NO". We find our "YES." We honour our past stories and let them go. We come closer to the realization of who we really are.

We open up to a new song. Our desire flows in free, but healthy, ways.


What we you will learn on the workshop

  • Tantric understanding of sexual trauma and healing
  • Experiential introduction to methods you can use to assist yourself and beloveds in releasing sexual trauma
  • An appreciation for the release that can be done with the assistance of a Tantrika


Who is the workshop for

Seekers of truth who desire to live in the fullness of who you are. This includes

  • Persons searching for sexual healing
  • Partners, friends and beloveds of those who are ready for sexual trauma release
  • Healers and practitioners wanting to work with sexual healing and
  • Any sincere seekers interested in the field of sexual healing


The facilitator, Shakti Malan

I have a well established practice as Tantrika in South Africa. For details on my background, the nature and extent of my work, see shakti.co.za and totalitytherapy.com.
For more on my approach to sexual healing, see http://totalitytherapy.com/blog/2009/02/sexual-healing-copyright-shakti-malan.html

To Register: Call Uta 0789 111 8487 or register now on-line via paypal.

You are strongly advised to book in advance and pay a deposit or full amount to secure your place. Early booking is advisable as the workshop has a limited number of places.



Shakti will be available for private sessions on the 7, 8 and 9 June in London.

One hour session: Introductory consultation which takes the form of a discussion; practice is unlikely. Two hours session: This is the standard time of sessions. The extra hour allows time to do practical / experiential sessions work. Three hours and beyond: Couples' sessions usually are three hours as we will be engaging the realities of the relationship as well as both individuals present.

Individual sessions can go up to three hours or longer. This usually happens when deep transformation processes are catalyzed.

EARLY BOOKING is recommended as there are only limited places for private sessions with Shakti!

Sessions are 1-3 hours at a sliding scale of £100-£150 per hour at the client's discretion depending on your income and value received.

For more info or book a session call Uta on 0789 111 8487.

Dragon's Nectar Tantra - 11 - 13 June 2010

at Tantra Transcendence Salisbury, England

Chakra lotus Shakti Malan Picture Kundalini

The dragon represents our raw instinctual power, our primal connection to the elements, our uninhibited expression. It is the dragon in us that can roar in ecstasy when we make love. It is the dragon that can dance with abandon, in tenderness and in magnificence. Dragon energy also represents the power of our erotic desire. When we can learn to harness our eroticism, it leads us powerfully to the integration of what is in our unconscious.In oriental mysticism our vital life force, our sexuality, is seen as dragon power or chi. Without access to the dragon power, to the raw potency of our eroticism, we lack the vitality to live our lives fully, and to endure the challenges that come on a path of awareness.


Nectar is the pure juice of presence that flows when our dragon power gets filled with awareness. The raw energy of the dragon needs to be cultivated; the dragon needs to be tamed so that its power becomes useful rather than destructive to those with whom it shares company.

Dragon's Nectar Tantra Retreat

This retreat will be an opportunity to open up the flow of your dragon power, your raw sexual energy - and then to refine this dragon juice into the nectar that feeds the sweetest quality of presence and awakeness in your life. For this we will use a combination of Tantric methods, including:
active meditations
dance and movement
breath work
sound work
tantric meditations
energy release techniques

Retreat objectives

  • To release suppressions and open the flow of your vital life force
  • To integrate unconscious aspects of self through guided exploration of erotic desire
  • To expand your capacity for living in bliss
  • To cultivate and refine your sexual energy as a vehicle for awakening
  • To demonstrate how energy channels can be opened up through loving, awake touch

Who is the retreat for?

Tantra is a path for the bravest warriors of the heart, the most passionate seekers of truth. It is not a mediocre, well-trodden path. It is powerfully transformative. It catalyzes you into realizing and experiencing who you truly are. This retreat is suitable for all seekers who feel this calling strongly in their beings. The retreat is also recommended for teachers who work in the field of awareness. There will be opportunities during the weekend to witness Shakti holding sessions and catalyzing the opening of energy channels in participants. 

The presenter, Shakti Malan (Ph.D)

Shakti is a professional Dakini (female Tantric teacher) based in Cape Town, South Africa. Her work is infused with and inspired by the raw, catalytic potency of Africa. She holds a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology. As anthropologist, she spent many years as social envrionmental specialist mediating between the realities of African communities and those of developers. This immersion has given her invaluable expertise in listening to and interpreting the unique experiences of each participant and group. 

Shakti's training as energy catalyst started early on with a growing immersion in meditation, body oriented practices like yoga and tai chi, as well as shamanic work in Native American and African traditions. Through an extroadinary series of events in 2001, she received the calling to become a Dakini. The initiation into this work started with some intensive years in isolation in the desert during which she went through a death process and developed a deep understanding of the body's subtle energetics. 

In subsequent years, Shakti worked intensively in her own life with techniques that are focused on processing and integrating what is in the unconscious. These techniques draw strongly from the Advaita tradition and also from the work of Osho. Shakti immersed herself in personal practice of the Taoist Tantric techniques as well as the meditations of Osho. Shakti realized that her primary interest was in the power of sexuality as a gateway for conciousness. Her final initiation into this work came through her teacher Rahasya; see advaittantra.com

Other influences in Shakti's technique and approach are Arnold Mindel's ProcessWork Psychology, Gestalt Therapy, Wilhelm Reich's work in releasing body armoring, Biodanza (an authentic movement system in which she is trained), somatic experiencing trauma releasw work, the goddess traditions and various forms of energetic bodywork.

For more on Shakti's work and approach, see shakti.co.za and totalitytherapy.com.

Cost:for the Weekend including accommodation and meals £295 per person Bookings only through Transcendence 08453458593 or 07875435104

"Some day, after we have mastered the winds, the waves, the tides, and gravity, we will harness for God the energies of love; and then for the second time in the history of the world, men will have discovered fire!" – Theilard de Chardin

2010 North America West Coast Tour

Written by Sedona Temple   

with Baba Dez Nichols, June 1 - July 18, 2010

Join Baba Dez and his cast of many as he tours up the West Coast to launch his 9-month journey around the globe.


Back by popular demand, Baba Dez will give updated talks on the infamous Traversing the Cutting Edge of Spiritual Sexual Shamanism and Sex Magic.


Traversing the Cutting Edge of Spiritual Sexual Shamanism

Baba Dez shares foundational information with energetic transmissions and exercises for presencing, activation, and integration of Spiritual Sexual Energy.  We will explore internal and cultural guilt, shame, and fear and how beliefs, judgments, and telepathic agreements can limit and mute our lives.  We will realize how understanding and experiencing a conscious connection with our nervous systems can bring us all the way into living freedom and bliss. We will then deepen our ability to support ourselves, our people, and all humanity in conscious evolution.

Sex Magic - Manifesting your Deepest Desires

Baba Dez will share foundational information, tools, and support for reclaiming and activating the Emotional Body.  This is the Divine Feminine or in shamanic terms, the engine of manifestation.  Participants are then guided step by step through The Shaman Method of Sex Magic as described in his book, Sacred Sexual Healing.  This ritual can be performed at each individuals discretion; solo, with a partner, or with rotating partners puja style.  This is a fun, interesting, and interactive evening with no nudity and a strong emphasis on communicating and respecting individual boundaries and desires.   Come experience a spiritually inspiring evening of authentic intimacy, safety, and sex magic.  Namaste'


Baba Dez is available on his entire tour for private sessions, (inquire for details)Zeerak Khan

Schedule a private session or conversation with Baba Dez and/or one of his associates. Individual sessions are 1-3 hours at a sliding scale donation of $200-$300 per hour at the clients discretion, depending on your income and value received. If you would like a double session, working with any two of us concurrently, the sliding scale donation is doubled per hour. 

More info on sessions at: http://www.sedonatemple.com/daka-dakini-sessions.php
To book and schedule your sessions contact the local city host or Please call 928-282-8511  - or email: dez@babadez.com dez@babadez.comThis e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it



Tour Dates/Cities:

June 14-18, 2010 San Francisco (Baba Dez, Zeerak Khan and Shakti Malan)Shakti Malan

June 19-23, 2010 Portland (Baba Dez and Shakti Malan)

June 24-28, 2010 Vancouver (Baba Dez and Shakti Malan)

June 29-Jul 4, 2010 Seattle (Baba Dez and Shakti Malan)

July 5-18, 2010 Hawaii (Baba Dez and Shakti Malan)



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