30 July 2010

Conscious Sexuality Retreat Knysna 1 - 4 October 2010

Conscious Sexuality
A retreat for singles and couples

By Shakti Malan
assisted by Stephen Tredrea
at the Osho Neo Zen Monastery, Knysna Forest
1 - 4 October 2010

On Conscious Sexuality

If we know how to use our sexual energy, it can take us into a beautiful flowering of the heart, into deep states of bliss and serenity. Sexual energy can also open up our authentic wildness! However, for many of us today, this potential of our sexuality is not being fully realized. Some of the common reasons are:

* We have been conditioned to suppress our natural sexuality in some way.
* Out of habit, sex has become a rushed explosion of pent-up energy, rather than an experience of loving, deepening, merging.
* Experiences that we have had in the past (these can be sexual, emotional, physical, spiritual) got stuck in the body and are blocking our energy flow.
* We are simply not in our bodies enough, loving being in our bodies enough!

The good news is that it is infinitely possible to open the flow of your natural sexuality into a conscious expression again, no matter what your age is, and whether you have a partner or not. What it takes is a willingness to shed some illusions, and to get conscious with your life!

The retreat

This retreat is an introduction into the art of sacred sexuality. My specific intent is to design it around the participants; where you are at and what you need. I hope to make some of the basic concepts of conscious sexuality clear to you, and to give you a deep (and blissful) experience of what is possible, in your body. Since this is an introductory workshop, you will not be required to expose yourself in any way that is not comfortable for you. The retreat will also introduce you to practices that you can take into your daily life and/or into your relationship.

For those of you who have already done some work with me and would like to deepen your understanding and for those who wish to go deeper after the weekend's retreat I offer an additional day (Sunday 4 pm to Monday 4 pm) in which we can explore some more. You are welcome to bring your questions and requests.

What you can expect

  • dialogue, discussions, roleplay
  • dancing and movement
  • meditations
  • breathwork
  • touch exercises
  • more delightful discussions around fires and food

The presenter

Shakti is a full time Dakini or teacher of conscious sexuality. She has a passion for embodied awakening - using the body as an alive, responsive vehicle to help us discover the truth of who we really are. Shakti is based in Cape Town and runs workshops and retreats in Cape Town and elsewhere in South Africa. She also does private consultations. Shakti has a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology. For more information on Shakti see shakti.co.za. For more on her approach, see totalitytherapy.com.  Stephen is a full time Daka and has assisted and co-presented with Shakti on many retreats. For more on him, see http://stephentredrea.com. Shakti and Stephen are members of the Advait Tantra School (see tantraschool.co.za)

The venue

The Osho Neo Monastery is a unique forest venue constructed and managed by people who glow with the light of awareness. Accommodation is provided in A-frame wooden huts lovingly made by the owner. The gathering hall rises up out of the forest and opens up to it on all sides. This is a back-to-nature weekend, the best way to get back into our natural sexuality - with manually heated showers, candles and fires. Food is vegetarian and always exquisite.

What others say

To see how previous participants experienced this retreat, go to http://shakti.co.za/blog/2009/01/reflections-on-conscious-sexuality

Costs and bookings

Please note that the retreat can accommodate a maximum of 12 people, so book early to avoid disappointment. Bookings before 10 August with Shakti at shakti@shakti.co.a and after 10 August with Ahrian at  ahrian@shakti.co.za.

The cost, including accommodation and all meals, is R2 700


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