15 August 2010

Events August - December 2010

Hello beloveds,

This is my first newsletter since returning from teaching in the USA and the UK. I have come back with even more appreciation for how this country shapes our ability to feel and explore deeply as seekers of truth. I also observe how we sometimes stand back from stepping into our deepest desires. Perhaps the time has come to look again at what we most deeply desire, and to find the courage to act on that.

This newsletter brings you details on a range of events coming up for the rest of this year. Here is a summary of what is on offer. Please read carefully as the details of some events (eg. Tantra Foundation Course) have changed, and there are several events that are announced here for the first time.

  • Women's workshops: In Cape Town, every other Saturday
  • Retreats: Conscious Sexuality Retreat Knysna 1 - 4 October
  • Courses:
    • Tantra Foundation course starting 26 August.
    • Depth course starting October.
  • Conference: Sexuality and Consciousness Educators Conference 3 - 5 December Cape Town
  • Trainings:
    • Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioners Training 6 - 11 December Cape Towm.
    • Tantric Training: Into the Depths 13 - 18 December Gecko Creek, Cederberg. Western Cape
  • Sessions in Cape Town and elsewhere.

Tantric Practice for Women
A Continuous Course


Tantra, the art of conscious sexuality, is a practice that has since ancient times been led by women. What has been a secret and mystical practice has now become accessible to seekers who are on a committed path of awareness. It is a special calling in my life to support women into the full flowering of where our sexuality can take us. The main elements of this work are:
• Understanding the unique qualities of female sexuality
• Opening to the flow of sexual energy/ kundalini through meditation, dance and breath work
• Unleashing blocks or integrating what has prevented this full flow through the chakras.

Working with the chakras

Tantra is a practice that cultivates awareness of our oneness with existence through sexual awakening. This happens through the opening of the chakras. Chakras are energy centers in the body where consciousness collects around particular patterns. Typically in sexual encounter, we send our sexual energy outwards. We may experience deep bliss for a while, but generally this does not last. With Tantric awareness, our sexual vitality starts to move up our bodies like a snake that uncoils, from the root or base of the body all the way up through the crown. Sexual energy moves from the first chakra up. This process is often known at the Uncoiling of the Snake (sexual energy or kundalini). For more on the unique qualities of each chakra, see http://shakti.co.za/blog/2008/04/tantra-and-chakras_14.html

Many women have negative body memories from sexual experience. These can be from a range of sources, including direct invasion, inappropriate contact, painful or insensitive sex and judgments about the realm of the sexual. While engaging your personal healing journey in this realm will be intensified by private sessions with me, the continuous course will create a space for us to collectively and individually release and integrate past inhibiting memories. For more on my approach to this work, see http://totalitytherapy.com/blog/2009/02/sexual-healing-copyright-shakti-malan.html.

Upcoming workshops

The dates for workshops coming up are:

Second Chakra

14 August Taoist Tantric Techniques

Third Chakra

28 August: Female power - and what blocks it

18 September: Men and lovemaking

25 September: Choosing from Pure Delight

9 October: Integrating polarities

Cost and bookings:
The cost of each individual workshop is R350. Please book for workshops with Annwen: annwen@shakti.co.za


Conscious Sexuality
A retreat for singles and couples

By Shakti Malan
assisted by Stephen Tredrea
at the Osho Neo Zen Monastery, Knysna Forest
1 - 4 October 2010

On Conscious Sexuality

If we know how to use our sexual energy, it can take us into a beautiful flowering of the heart, into deep states of bliss and serenity. Sexual energy can also open up our authentic wildness! However, for many of us today, this potential of our sexuality is not being fully realized. Some of the common reasons are:

* We have been conditioned to suppress our natural sexuality in some way.
* Out of habit, sex has become a rushed explosion of pent-up energy, rather than an experience of loving, deepening, merging.
* Experiences that we have had in the past (these can be sexual, emotional, physical, spiritual) got stuck in the body and are blocking our energy flow.
* We are simply not in our bodies enough, loving being in our bodies enough!

The good news is that it is infinitely possible to open the flow of your natural sexuality into a conscious expression again, no matter what your age is, and whether you have a partner or not. What it takes is a willingness to shed some illusions, and to get conscious with your life!

The retreat

This retreat is an introduction into the art of sacred sexuality. My specific intent is to design it around the participants; where you are at and what you need. I hope to make some of the basic concepts of conscious sexuality clear to you, and to give you a deep (and blissful) experience of what is possible, in your body. Since this is an introductory workshop, you will not be required to expose yourself in any way that is not comfortable for you. The retreat will also introduce you to practices that you can take into your daily life and/or into your relationship.

Costs and bookings

Please note that the retreat can accommodate a maximum of 12 people, so book early to avoid disappointment. Bookings with Shakti at shakti@shakti.coz.a

The cost, including accommodation and all meals, is R2 700


Erotic and Beyond
Tantra Foundation Course
Six weekly evenings 26 August - 26 September 2010
7 - 11pm
Fish Hoek Cape Town


Course objective

This course is a first and powerful step towards the freedom that Tantra offers as a practice. It requires of you to embrace both your fears and your desires in the realm of the erotic, and to feel the feelings that emerge from here. You will be taught techniques to process the emotional and mental patters that arise from the practice. The course can offer powerful release and healing from old experiences and expectations around sexuality. Expert facilitation will ensure that the course meets each individual where they are at.

This course is a prerequisite for the level 3 Tantra course that will follow after Erotic and Beyond; see below.

Aims of the Tantra Foundation Course

Aim 1: Lifting taboos and suppression

In the days when Tantra was only practiced as a secret mystery tradition, one of the first steps that a new initiate had to take was to break their cultural taboos. If you were raised a Jain Hindu, you would be asked to eat meat and drink alcohol – both of which are highly taboo in that culture. Breaking your personal or cultural taboos asks of you to face your biggest fears. In this course, we will engage our personal and collective taboos in a fun but challenging way.

Suppressions are all experiences that have become unconscious in you. Most often, these were experiences that were unpleasant or frightening to you in the past – emotionally, physically or spiritually. What we are not able or willing to feel completely in the moment, becomes trapped in the body as unconscious patterns that influence everything – especially our sexuality. We will work gently at touching these places and allowing full consciousness to return.

Aim 2: Embracing fantasies and desires

By paying attention to what you desires and fantasies are, you can integrate unconscious or hidden aspects of your being. Whereas lifting taboos and suppressions is about facing your fears, this aim is about saying yes to your desires. One of our dictums in Tantra is: How much bliss can you stand? Since many of us have been raised in traditions of religious austerity, it takes some individuation to embrace pleasure as a gateway to higher understanding.

We will encourage this individuation by exploring your fantasies and desires and giving space for them to be expressed in appropriate ways.

Aim 3: Integrating polarities

One main reason why we stay stuck in limited beliefs about ourselves is that our ego structures are bound up in polarity. Polarities split experience into opposites – what is desired and what is feared, what attracts us and what we are repulsed by, what we see as good and what as evil. These polarities are mostly unconscious in us, and as with fears and desires, they govern and direct our lives.

To go deeper in awareness of who we really are, it is important to find ways of processing these polarities. On this course, you will be taught tools to identify and integrate the polarities that limit your sense of yourself. In the process, you will develop a witness – the ability to observe the story of your life without taking it so seriously.

Course dates

Thursday 26 August
Thursday 2 September
Monday 6 September
Monday 13 September
Monday 20 September
Monday 26 September

Who is the course for?

This course for people who are on a committed quest for greater awareness and presence in their lives, and who want to include their sexuality in this journey. Some previous introductory work with me is recommended. You are also welcome to do the course a second time as most certainly new material will be revealed to you. Please note that place is limited to ten participants, so book soon.

Feedback from participants on previous Erotic and Beyond course

"The Erotic and Beyond Workshop was maximum growth over a short period of time...Shakti is an incredible facilitator...I felt extremely held and supported...her insight is invaluable and so accurate...I would highly recommend trusting the process."

"I don't think anything in adult life has shaken me up more than this course. It forced me to look at stuff that had lived under the carpet for much of my post -pubescent life (and even some stuff from before, if the truth be told).The ongoing effects are still bubbling up in the form of realisations (both minor and major), that are changing and stabilising the way I act, think and feel.That's the serious bit: on the other hand it was more fun than is normally legal...
Be brave: do it!"

"I had an opportunity to recover and experience previously incompletely felt feelings at the core of my life. In the space Shakti creates, of loving awareness and acceptance, I felt it possible to embrace these feelings, feel them fully without shirking from them, and love them back into my whole life, warming them with the fire of my presence, and letting them melt away, leaving me stronger and open and clear. Before the course, difficult feelings would often block me and make me withdraw. Now I sense a greater capacity for feeling, for being with difficult feelings, of experiencing them fully and moving beyond them into new possibilities."

Course fee: R2 500

Bookings and inquiries: Shakti@shakti.co.za

Tantra depth course
Embodied love


A course in six sessions
11 October, 25 October 8 November - 29 November
7 - 11pm Fish Hoek, Cape Town

Course objective

When you have immersed yourself in the practices addressed in the Tantra Foundation course, you are ready to work with sexual energy as a force of presence. The objective of this course is to get you ready to experience the full potential of your sexuality. This involves developing increased awareness in the body, expanding your heart capacity and practicing presence in every moment, including your most intimate ones. Please note that this is an advanced course and only available for people who have done Erotic and Beyond or have sufficient similar experience.


Aim 1: Expanding heart capacity

With Tantric practice, sexual energy moves right up into the heart. Not only does our sexuality get infused with love, but our ability to love unconditionally increases significantly. On this course, your heart capacity will expand through
• Being guided into the depths of your feeling capacity;
• Tantric meditation practice that connects the sex and heart and
• Experiencing unconditional love in touch and presence

Aim 2: Developing presence in the body

The body is a finely tuned receptacle for awareness. Mostly in our lives, we treat the body as a functional tool rather than as the mystery that it is. In this course, you will deepen your presence in the body through
• Tantric breath work that utilizes the flow of sexual energy
• Sensual awareness exercises and
• Nervous system repatterning through touch to enable you to stay present and relaxed while experiencing heightened sensation.

Aim 3: Presence in every moment

When you get immersed in the moment, time comes to a standstill. Everything becomes luminous. Your heart opens. You feel everything intensely. Your identity becomes infinitely pliable and responsive. You can live without limits. In Tantra, we practice presence through Tantric meditations directing sexual energy with breath, movement and sound. This prepares you for full sexual presence in your intimate relationships. As a result, sexual intercourse becomes a profound experience of oneness with existence.

The facilitator:

Shakti Malan is a full time practicing Dakini who has significant national and international experience as a group facilitator. For more on her work and life, see totalitytherapy.com and shakti.co.za. She will be assisted in both courses by daka Stephen Tredrea; see stephentredrea.com.

Course fee: R2 500

Bookings and inquiries: Shakti@shakti.co.za or 0833010399


Invitation to the Second Annual African Conference for Sexuality and Consciousness Educators Kalk Bay, Cape Town 3 - 5 December 2010

Following the highly successful first Annual African Conference for Sexuality and Consciousness Conference in Johannesburg last year, we are inviting you to present at the next conference, which will be in Cape Town this December.

Conference Focus

The focus of this conference is on sexuality as a vehicle for consciousness. This is an educators' conference. It is aimed at all who teach, work, heal and facilitate in the areas of sexuality and consciousness. The conference is also for those who aspire to become facilitators in these areas. Whereas some participants may be working directly with sexuality in their professions, others may be working more widely with consciousness, including consciousness in sexuality. Both the conference and the training will be valuable for serious students of consciousness even if they are not educators as such.

The theme for this year's conference is Embracing Arousal - Personal Growth and Planetary Union. For more details on the conference, see For more details on the conference, see the conference website http://sexualityconsciousness.com and http://sedonatemple.com/2010-africa-conference.php

Who will be there?

Here are some of the professions that we will be inviting:

• Tantrikas, dakas and dakinis from African, Western and Eastern traditions
• Massage therapists and other body workers
• Sangomas and shamanic teachers
• Sexologists working with consciousness
• Councilors
• Physiotherapists, psychologists, lecturers and other professionals who work with sexuality and consciousness
• Artists and filmmakers
• Meditation teachers
• Large group process facilitators
• Body consciousness practitioners, including kinesiologists, body talk practitioners, cranio-sacral therapists, NLP practitioners
• Sex workers wanting to work with consciousness
• Yoga teachers

Please feel free to pass on this invitation to anyone in your network who is interested to or already working in the fields of sexuality and consciousness. We are relying mostly on personal networking to fulfill the potential of this event.

Conference Aim

This conference is a forum to discuss and share the wisdom on Sexuality and Consciousness that arises from African soil, and to have African insights be met by the perspectives of practitioners from other continents. While we aim to have a strong and diverse range of professionals from Africa at the conference, we will also have professionals from all other continents participating and contributing to the discussion. This discussion facilitates new learning, as well as an invaluable opportunity for practitioners to stand back and reflect on our practices. Last year's conference was a rich networking event, as well as a welcoming space for those who wish to become educators in the fields of Sexuality an Consciousness.

The organizers

This conference is jointly organized by a team of people from the International School of Temple Arts (sedonatemple.com) and the Advait Tantraschool of South Africa (tantraschool.co.za). BabaDez Nichols (babadez.com) heads the international team. Dez is an internationally known teacher of sacred sexual shamanic healing work. He arranges conferences such as this one across the globe. He is a published author and film producer. Shakti Malan (shakti.co.za and totalitytherapy.com) heads the African team. She is professional dakini or conscious sexuality teacher and a member of the Advait Tantraschool of South Africa (tantraschool.co.za). . She is based in Cape Town and teaches internationally. Shakti holds a Ph.D.(UCT) in Social Anthropology.

What does it cost?

First Time Attendee - prior to Sept. 1st $150 = approximately 1,100 ZAR
First Time Attendee - prior to Oct. 1st $175 = approximately 1,286 ZAR
First Time Attendee - prior to Nov. 1st $200 = approximately 1,470 ZAR
First Time Attendee - prior to Nov. 15th $225 = approximately 1,654 ZAR
First Time Attendee - Nov. 15th or later $250 = approximately 1,830 ZAR
Repeat Attendee or Presenter -prior to Sept. 1st $125 = approx. 920 ZAR
or New Presenter $150 = approximately 1,100 ZAR


Information on presenters will appear on both links given above. If you would like to offer a presentation at the conference, please write to shakti@shakti.co.za. We reserve the right to select presentations.


To book and for the conference, contact Sharon Devantier at sharon@advaittantra.com. Payment can be done at http://sedonatemple.com/2010-africa-conference.php. South Africans who wish to pay by local EFT, can contact Sharon to get banking details.


There are two training programmes following the conference. You do not need to have come to the conference to register for the training. Both training programs are suitable for serious students of sexuality and consciousness, whether you are a practitioner or not. While the trainings will contribute to the depth and professional skills of practitioners, I want to emphasize that no five day training can ever qualify you to become a Dakini or a Daka. The main purpose of the training is to deepen your own capacity for presence and awareness. Come for yourself, and the rewards will ripple through your professionall life, whatever that is.

Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Practitioners training:
6 - 11 December 2010
Cape Town
With Baba Dez Nichols and Shakti Malan

Full details of this training on http://www.sedonatemple.com/2010-africa-training.php.

Tantric Training:
Into the Depths

Tantric Training:
Into the Depths

13 - 18 December 2010
Gecko Creek, Cederberg
Facilitated by Rahasya and Shakti

Into the Depths is a five day intensive course brought to you by two highly experienced Tantrikas. Tantra is a mystery tradition that includes all aspects of our being, also our sexuality, in the quest for awakening. Tantra has traditionally been seen as the fast path, the most direct route to breaking through illusions and waking up to the truth of who we really are. It is a path for spiritual warriors, fools for the divine, tightroap-walkers into the depths of existence.

Want to come play?

The Facilitators: Rahasya and Shakti

Sw Advait Rahasya is the Director of the Advait Tantraschool of South Africa; see tantraschool.co.za. He is one of the rare few living Tantra masters on the planet today. Rahasya's teachings are a unique contemporary interpretation of the ancient Tantric mystery traditions. His touch is extroadinary and his style of teaching incisive, quirky and compassionate. Shakti Malan is a Dakini and member of the Advait Tantraschool. She has a strong practice in Cape Town and has been teaching internationally in the UK and US. For more on her teaching, see shakti.co.za and totalitytherapy.com

A Training Programme

Tantra is a practical path; it is a set of practices rather than a philosophy or a religion. The teaching reveals itself through personal practice. Whether you come to this event as a facilitator of others or purely for your own journey, our focus remains the same: It is through doing your own inner work that you develop the capacity to support others. The deeper you dive into your own psyche, the more of you becomes present to radiate awareness into the world.

Our focus on this training will be on your personal experience. In addition, we will bring in the meta-perspective of the facilitator, helping you to understand and access the techniques and processes we are using to facilitate your journey.

Who is this training for?

This training is for any committed seekers of truth who are asking the big questions:
Who am I (really?)
What is the truth?
How can I live in unconditional love?

The training is structured in a way that it will deeply serve both those who are coming only for their own personal work and those who wish to insert more of the wisdom of Tantra into their professional practice. We welcome practitioners from all walks of life: conscious sexuality, yoga and meditation teachers, healers, medical practitioners, psychologists and sexologists, body workers, sex workers, leaders, teachers. We are expecting participants from all over South Africa and the world. While partners are welcome to join the training together, you are most welcome to join the programme on your own.

Into the Depths

A central approach of Tantra is to open you to the full depths of your experience. We habitually and continually repress and deny much of the feeling, sensation and emotion that is available to us. Our work and play together will help you to access the depths of your experience that has been denied, and thus to open to the heights of sensation you are capable of.


Our themes for the training are:

A. Embracing desire and fear

  1. Learning to use your erotic impulse as a way to mine what is in the unconscious
  2. Acquiring practices that assist you to stay present in the fire of your deepest fears and desires
  3. Finding ways to distinguish between association and the real of experience
  4. Getting to know how the nervous system responds when what has been repressed gets accessed
  5. Witnessing, experiencing and learning how to facilitate the nervous system and the emotional body through the re-integration of what has been repressed

B. The Soulmate Within
  1. Making conscious your inner masculine and feminine and the relationship between them
  2. Understanding and practicing right relationship between your inner masculine and feminine
  3. Reclaiming aspects of your inner masculine and feminine that have been projected outward on to significant others
  4. Exploring the real of love, fidelity, trust, commitment and other concepts associated with intimate relationship


Tantric meditations
facilitated discussions
conscious touch technique teaching
witnessed individual sessions with participants
opportunities to explore and practice with each other
blissdance and waterbliss, two Tantric movement systems created by Shakti

The place: Gecko Creek, Cederberg

Gecko Creek is an exquisite venue in the Cederberg, remarkably easy to access and only 2 - 3 hours' drive from Cape Town. See geckocreek.com. The Cederberg is an exquisitely beautiful wild area north of Cape Town in the Western Cape. Gecko Creek forms part of the only leopard sanctuary in South Africa. The rocky outcrops are full of San paintings, testifying to the fact that this place has been a sacred site for thousands of years. Cabins and tents all have extraordinary views over the wilderness. One of the reasons why we choose Gecko Creek is because it is a real immersion in nature, and brings us back to the basics of life.


Facilitation fee: R5 500 *
* discount on merit

Food: Each person will be allocated meals to prepare.


Prices per person sharing for all five nights; single accommodation double the price

Cabin R1080
Tent (beds and bedding provided) R720
Camping R440 (Own tent and bedding)


Book with Annwen at annwen@shakti.co.za. Book early to avoid disappointment. The training will be limited to 18 participants.


Please see attached a document on sessions. Sessions work is really the core work of a Daka or Dakini. I have tried here to succinctly answer all questions about sessions.

I practice from Fish Hoek, Cape Town, and also do sessions when I travel. I will be in Johannesburg 9 - 13 September; contact me if you wish to book sessions with me over this time. Stephen and I will be available for sessions in Knysna around the time of the Knysna retreat. My next visit to the UK and USA is planned for May - August next year, and I will be available for sessions.

Namaste beloveds
That means: I see myself in you.


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