30 November 2010

Sexuality and Consciousness Conference: Day bookings now open

Hello beloveds,

This is going to be an awesome event. Day bookings are now open at R600 pp per day.
Conference presentations can be seen at http://sedonatemple.com/presenters-2010-africa-conference.php#shakti_malan and the conference programme is attached.

Hope to see you there!



Invitation to the Second Annual African Conference for Sexuality and Consciousness Educators Kalk Bay, Cape Town 3 - 5 December 2010

Following the highly successful first Annual African Conference for Sexuality and Consciousness Conference in Johannesburg last year, we are inviting you to present at the next conference, which will be in Cape Town this December.

Conference Focus

The focus of this conference is on sexuality as a vehicle for consciousness. This is an educators' conference. It is aimed at all who teach, work, heal and facilitate in the areas of sexuality and consciousness. The conference is also for those who aspire to become facilitators in these areas. Whereas some participants may be working directly with sexuality in their professions, others may be working more widely with consciousness, including consciousness in sexuality. Both the conference and the training will be valuable for serious students of consciousness even if they are not educators as such.

The theme for this year's conference is Embracing Arousal - Personal Growth and Planetary Union. For more details on the conference, see For more details on the conference, see the conference website http://sexualityconsciousness.com and http://sedonatemple.com/2010-africa-conference.php

Who will be there?

Here are some of the professions that we will be inviting:

• Tantrikas, dakas and dakinis from African, Western and Eastern traditions
• Massage therapists and other body workers
• Sangomas and shamanic teachers
• Sexologists working with consciousness
• Councilors
• Physiotherapists, psychologists, lecturers and other professionals who work with sexuality and consciousness
• Artists and filmmakers
• Meditation teachers
• Large group process facilitators
• Body consciousness practitioners, including kinesiologists, body talk practitioners, cranio-sacral therapists, NLP practitioners
• Sex workers wanting to work with consciousness
• Yoga teachers

Please feel free to pass on this invitation to anyone in your network who is interested to or already working in the fields of sexuality and consciousness. We are relying mostly on personal networking to fulfill the potential of this event.

Conference Aim

This conference is a forum to discuss and share the wisdom on Sexuality and Consciousness that arises from African soil, and to have African insights be met by the perspectives of practitioners from other continents. While we aim to have a strong and diverse range of professionals from Africa at the conference, we will also have professionals from all other continents participating and contributing to the discussion. This discussion facilitates new learning, as well as an invaluable opportunity for practitioners to stand back and reflect on our practices. Last year's conference was a rich networking event, as well as a welcoming space for those who wish to become educators in the fields of Sexuality an Consciousness.

The organizers

This conference is jointly organized by a team of people from the International School of Temple Arts (sedonatemple.com) and the Advait Tantraschool of South Africa (tantraschool.co.za). BabaDez Nichols (babadez.com) heads the international team. Dez is an internationally known teacher of sacred sexual shamanic healing work. He arranges conferences such as this one across the globe. He is a published author and film producer. Shakti Malan (shakti.co.za and totalitytherapy.com) heads the African team. She is professional dakini or conscious sexuality teacher and a member of the Advait Tantraschool of South Africa (tantraschool.co.za). . She is based in Cape Town and teaches internationally. Shakti holds a Ph.D.(UCT) in Social Anthropology.

What does it cost?

First Time Attendee - prior to Sept. 1st $150 = approximately 1,100 ZAR
First Time Attendee - prior to Oct. 1st $175 = approximately 1,286 ZAR
First Time Attendee - prior to Nov. 1st $200 = approximately 1,470 ZAR
First Time Attendee - prior to Nov. 15th $225 = approximately 1,654 ZAR
First Time Attendee - Nov. 15th or later $250 = approximately 1,830 ZAR
Repeat Attendee or Presenter -prior to Sept. 1st $125 = approx. 920 ZAR
or New Presenter $150 = approximately 1,100 ZAR


Information on presenters will appear on both links given above. If you would like to offer a presentation at the conference, please write to shakti@shakti.co.za. We reserve the right to select presentations.


To book and for the conference, contact Sharon Devantier at sharon@advaittantra.com. Payment can be done at http://sedonatemple.com/2010-africa-conference.php. South Africans who wish to pay by local EFT, can contact Sharon to get banking details.


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