24 November 2010

Taoist Jade Egg workshop this weekend


Dear Goddesses and Gods,


An invitation to Women to discover the secret practices that Taoist Masters previously taught to a select few women in Ancient China's royal courts.  These techniques facilitate Health, Energy, Longevity and Extraordinary Skills as Lovers.


We all know it is necessary to exercise our body to stay in good physical shape and in order to have healthy sexual organs and great sexual energy one equally needs to exercise the sexual organs.   The Jade Egg practice is increasingly gaining popularity in post pregnancy, helping re-tone the pelvic floor muscles and improving ones sex life and overall wellbeing within self. 


It really is exciting to have Uta Demontis - practitioner, educator and teacher of sacred sexuality coming to South Africa to share the "Secrets of the Jade Egg" knowledge with us.  Uta is a certified Universal Tao Instructor teaching the Taoist sexual practice see http://www.manawa.co.uk


The knowledge of the Jade Egg is not well know in the West and so I encourage you to read the attached article to better understand what it's all about.   


The Jade Egg Workshops are taking place around the country in the month of Nov.


Please see the below flyer for details on Venue and Costs.


I truly feel this is a wonderful opportunity and one way for women to learn how to embrace their sexuality and empower themselves. 


To the Gods on this mailing list, I ask for you to forward this information onto the women in your life who you feel will find a workshop like this of value.


Goddesses, please do feel free to pass this information onto all the women in your life as well.


And if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to call me.


Love & Blessings



072 087 3552


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