04 March 2011

March Tantra news

Hello beloveds,

Meeting the beloved within

For me one of the most profound realizations of Tantra is that the beloved is inside. Whether we are gay, straight or bi, single or in relationship, monogamous, celibate or polyamorous in our sexual choices, we all have an inner masculine and feminine. Mostly the relationship between these two - our inner masculine and feminine - is unconscious. So no wonder that in our relationships with "outer" beloveds (who also have their own - usually unconscious - relationship with their inner masculine and feminine) gets so complicated. Last weekend, on the Movement Medicine dance floor, I had another profound deepening of that inner relationship happening. It was visceral, riveting, and life changing - on so many levels. I feel more alive for having listened more deeply to my feminine and my masculine, and for the new awareness and love there is between them. For those of you who are lucky enough to live in Cape Town, I
am starting another  Soulmate Within Course on this topic on 24 March. If you are drawn to doing it a second time - do! You have changed, and the course has expanded (go click the link). And you can remember how immensely powerful it is to do this work in a group. And - you are also welcome to do this work for the very first time. Book soon!


While paging through magazines last week in search of collage images, I chanced across an old TIME magazine which had - lo and behold! an article on the science of Meditation (October 27, 2003: 38 - 45). This article gives a summary of some of the research that has happened in the last 50 years on the effect of meditation on our neurological and biological functioning. Fascinating! Here are some discoveries to ponder:
  • Meditation lowers activity in the parietal lobe near the top of the head that orients you in space and time. The shutting down of the parietal lobe results in losing your sense of boundaries and feeling more at home in the universe.
  • Blood flow increases to the limbic system, which generates emotions and memories and regulates heart rate, respiratory rate and metabolism.
  • Meditation shifts brain activity in the prefrontal lobe from the right hemisphere (fight and flight response) to the left (contentment, relaxation)
  • Brain waves shift from alpha waves of aroused, conscious thought to the theta waves that dominate the brain during periods of deep relaxation.
  • When meditating, we use 17% less oxygen, lower our heart rates and significantly boost our immune systems.
  • By slowing down the working of the thalamus and the reticular formation of the brain, meditation enables us to be aware of sensory information without censoring it or reacting to it.
  • With training, meditators, like samurai warriors, become able to maintain all these brain functions while active in the world. That is, they live in a constant state of meditation.
Tantrikas, of course, are meditators of the samurai type. We want to have every living moment of our lives be a meditation, whether we are making love, dancing or doing dishes. The following two months offer you beautiful opportunities across southern Africa to explore the meditation of Tantra as such, and also as it meets the powerful meditation of breath. Read on to discover more!

Tantra in Jozi

My colleagues in Jozi are introducing delicious new trainings and touch sessions - go have a look at tantraschool.co.za. This Sunday Dakini Wendy and I will be hosting a women's workshop in Parktown - this is exquisite work, and rare in the world. This workshop is almost full. Contact Wendy at dakiniwendy@gmail.com for bookings and information. For those of you who still wanted to book sessions with me in Jozi, sorry, I am booked up. I really recommend you book a session with Wendy - she is an awesome embodiment of the feminine.

KZN and Mozambique: come play!

Then I'm off to Durban for a workshop on Tantric Orgasm: Building Sexual Energy the evening of 7 March. If you are in Durban, come - and bring your friends!
For those of you who want to see how much bliss you can stand, come join the dolphins, Courtney Ward from Halo Gaia and myself for Dolphin Love Tantra Retreat in Ponta Malangane, Mozambique 10 - 13 March.
The long weekend of 18 - 21 March sees Stephen Tredrea and myself presenting Tantra: The Art of Sacred Sexuality Retreat in Illovo, KZN. There may be one space left - so jump if you want to come!

Women's work in the Western Cape

The second day workshop in the Tantric Practice for Women series will be Sunday 27 March - a beautiful day of immersion in the dance of desire and death, and an introduction to the practice of Skydancing.
29 April - 2 May is the Wild Women Skydancing Retreat at n!au 'ma in the Little Karoo.  Skydancing is a deeply authentic expression of the wild woman in all of us. This teaching from woman to woman takes some doing in our current western mind set. Women have been brought up to believe that most or all of their sexual expression is wrong and must only be presented in an acceptable way according to the culture. Skydancing is a return to our authentic sexual power as women. Energetically, it is what happens when a woman's sexual energy starts to move up her body, though her heart and comes showering out the crown of her head. The whole body goes into an exquisite dance that happens in receptivity and relaxation.

Breathwork and Tantra with Shakti and Dan Brulé
One of my greatest discoveries in the deepening of Tantric work last year was encountering the depth to which the breath can take you. This happened for me through having a session with breathwork master Dan
Brulé . Dan is highly acclaimed and loved all over the world as teacher and I am honored and delighted that he will be visiting South Africa this April - soon soon!. First he will be teaching in Josi, and then coming down to the Cape for a feast of teaching and learning with us.
  • Dan and I together will be running a Tantra and Breathwork Intensive in Tulbach 1 - 6 April. Don't miss this unique opportunity - there is much interest and limited space!
  • Straight after, Dan will be running a Breathwork Facilitators Training programme in Cape Town 8 - 10 April.
  • For you delicious Tantra lovers, I have created a special non-residential event in Cape Town for 16 - 17 April,  called Intimate Breath
  • For details on all Breathwork and Tantra events, follow this link. Also see the attachments (BT and BT2 for a summary of events).
  • Dan will also be available for sessions; book through me.

Dan and I have written an article together in the freshest edition of Odyssey magazine - go find your copy on the shelves! I also attach for you an article on breathwork written by Dan.
I invite you to come meet Dan and I and to find out about the wonder of breathwork and Tantra coming together at my home (54 Peak Road Fish Hoek) Tuesday night 29 March 7 - 9pm. Please contact me on shakti@shakti.co.za to book and get directions.

Dan and I will also be talking at the 8 'clock club Wednesday 6 April 8 - 10pm. All welcome!
The address is: The  Pavillion, The Grove Primary, Grove Avenue, Claremont, Cape Town

My international teaching schedule

My schedule is still being refined but here are some juicy bits for you so long:

I will be teaching in Brighton, England 12 and 13 May, Bristol hopefully just after that, London 18 - 22 May, and probably around for sessions the week before and after. Salisbury end of May.
The plan is to do sessions and run a retreat in Glasgow 1 - 6 June.
Then I'm off to California, Portland Oregon and Hawaii for most of June-July.
Towards the end of July I arrive in Moscow where I will be teaching on my own and with Dan, then we both go off to Kyrgykstan for our teaching there 1 - 6 August 2011.
Plans for Europe in August still unfolding, I will be back home latest end August 2011.
In the next Tantra News edition, I will give you full details of my travel plans.


Book your solo or couple sessions with me while I am still in the country - or else wait till next spring! My delightful colleague Stephen Tredrea is now doing sessions from Phakalane - and he will be available while I am away.


BlissDance is a free movement space in which we explore Tantric principles of presence in intimacy through movement and dance. Every Wednesday evening in Kalk Bay, cost R80, email me if you want to be on the BlissDance mailing list.



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