17 April 2011

Kundalini workshop this Friday 22 April

Connect with and Explore your Kundalini Energy

Patwant Kaur and Shakti Malan

22 April 10am - 2pm

Phakalane, Hout Bay


Kundalini is our vital life force energy and also our awakened sexual energy. As our kundalini wakes up, it moves up the spine and fills our being with radiance. Kundalini Yoga and Tantra are two methods that assist seekers in opening to the flow of kundalini through our beings.

The workshop

This workshop will be an introduction to the ways in which both these traditions work with Kundalini. The methods used are safe and support your spiritual awakening. This is what you can expect to experience on the workshop:

An experience of Tantric methods for activating and directing sexual energy

A Kundalini yoga set

BlissDance - movement that awakens consciousness

The teachers

Shakti Malan teaches the art of sacred sexuality in Cape Town and across the world, and is an expert in working with kundalini. For more on her, see shakti.co.za. Patwant Kaur is a qualified Kundalini Yoga teacher who has been teaching these powerful yogic techniques since 2001.

Book with Shakti shakti@shakti.co.za.

Cost R600.

Deposit to

Dr. S. Malan

Standard Bank current account

Thibault Square branch (02-11-09-00)

Account number: 073152811


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