01 June 2011

Shakti's Tantra News June 2011

Hello beloveds,

I am writing to you from the rolling green hills of England, train from Salisbury to Glasgow.  In this last month, I have been teaching in England, overjoyed at the eagerness with which our African-born Tantra is shared with the world. Right at the start of the journey I was mourning with many of you the deaths of two beloveds who were also Tantra students and BlissDancers: Caronne Harford and Dave Eadie. They were both exquisitely beautiful beings with a passion for awakening. I can feel that times are intensifying, and the early departure of Caronne and Dave reminds me that the time for distractions is past. There is only one goal worth focusing on, and that is waking up to the truth of who we really are. And along the way, learning to live in the undivided heart.

International teaching programme

So, existence has taken me abroad to teach again. Who knows why? I am grateful for the opportunity though, and for all of your support in making this possible. In most places I go, I will be doing BlissDance sessions, introductory talks, private sessions and workshops or retreats. My time in England has been intense and beautiful; read about it on my blog.(Note: If you see highlighted text like this in my mail, you can click on the word and it will take you to the page on the internet - easy as that!).  I will write here as I travel along through Scotland, the States, Russia and Kazakhstan. If you want to be be informed of new postings, become a friend on facebook of "dakinishakti", or have a look yourself on my Tantra blog at shakti.co.za.

This is where I will be for the rest of the tour, and the links to my programme there

Glasgow 1 - 6 June http://www.sacred-touch.co.uk/events
Hawaill 7 - 17 June (my time - holiday!)
California 18 - 30 June, and  13 - 19 July http://www.erotic-spirituality.com
Portland, Oregon 30 June - 13 July
Moscow 20 July - 31 July
Lake Issikul, Kazakhstan 1 - 8 August
8 - 15 August Turkey (holiday time)

You can also take a look at my full international teaching programme.


I would like to make you aware of some beautiful resources on your doorstep.

Sacred Sexuality

My colleague Stephen (see stephentredrea.com) is now doing sessions from Phakalane, in Hout Bay Cape Town, and he is planning various events; subscribe to his newsletter to get details. Stephen will also be taking BlissDance in my absence - so, the dance continues every Wednesday 7.45 - 9.30pm at the Kalk Bay Community Hall opposite Dalebrook Pool Kalk Bay Main Road.

Zo Hoka Dashianti (zohoka@gmail.com), is a Taoist Tantra teacher who teaches the mysteries of this practice to women and also provides beautiful support to pregnant mothers.

Natasha, Siberian tigress who spent time apprenticing with me in California where she lived for many years, is also available for sessions. She is particularly interested in supporting women. You can contact her on weare.magic@gmail.com

Fiona Leibowitz is a practitioner of Trauma Release Exercises - I recommend you have a look at her work.

In Johannesburg, my colleagues Wendy and Rahasya are doing beautiful work, including Tantric Touch sessions. See tantraschool.co.za for details, or contact Wendy: wendy@tantraschool.co.za

Holy Moves by Adele Gruber is a lovely programme in Johannesburg to help women access and celebrate their sexual magnificence. adele@gruber.co.za

True Sex is a sexual awareness programme run by Ishvar (Stephen) across the country and in other Southern African countries. See www.truepoint.co.za

Colleagues abroad:

In England:
Uta Demontis, Taoist Tantric Practice and Chi Kung manawa.co.uk
Hanna and Martin www.tantra.uk.com
In the USA:
Sedona Temple www.sedonatemple.com

Chi Kung

Chi Kung is a movement awareness practice that is like a moving meditation. Chi Kung stimulates the health of the internal organs and supports centeredness and serenity. Katja Abbott in Cape Town is an excellent teacher, contact her at hummingbird@polka.co.za


Dan Brule, who has been teaching with me in Cape Town recently and whom I will be teaching with in Moscow and Kazakhstan, has a website danbrule.com. Subscribe to his newsletter, and also to his online breathwork course. Breathwork is key to Tantric practice, and Dan's work compliments mine beautifully.

Mind and awareness training

I think is is essential for seekers of truth to undergo some fundamental mind training. I recommend the work of Christopher Neville in this regard. http://www.foundationsa.co.za

Wilderness Quest

My journey into Tantra started because of a wilderness quest facilitated by Lance, Lolla and Josi. Their skills at this work are extraordinary. They are planning another quest for January. Let me know if you want details. You will need to sign up soon as preparations start any day now.


I recommend Psychophonetics practitioner Keriesa Botha, contact me for her details.

Healthy sexual functioning

The healthy functioning of the pelvic floor is key to sexual health. I can recommend Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist Corina Avni to anybody who needs support in addressing sexual health concerns such as vaginal pain, vaginismus, lack of orgasmic potential or erectile disfunction. Website pelvicfunction.co.za, email corina@pelvicfunction.co.za

General mental and health support

My personal homeopath is Ruth Bloch (021 4341068); she has an extraordinary depth of understanding of the human psyche as well as the mysteries of human health.
I can also recommend Raoul Goldberg , homeopath, medical doctor and psychophonetics councilor.
Niall Campbell is an African sangoma with an expansive understanding of the ways in which spirit travels in a body.


We are blessed to have some exceptional bodywork practitioners in Cape Town. Please not that they do not practice "Tantric massage".

Zo Hoka Dashianti zohoka@gmail.com
Ian Light wildvision@gmail.com
Daniel (shiatsu and massage): 0847883833

Bianca Cotton: biancacotton@gmail.com
Catherine Hofmeyr catherinehofmeyr@googlemail.com

Steve Mendonidis www.myosteopractic.com

Kinesiology and Cranio-sacral practice: Kitya Nowitchi integralhealth@intekom.co.za

When I get back to Cape Town

When I get home, there will be bags full of goodies to share in. Here are some dates you may want to put in your diaries already:

Kundalini Retreat 17 - 19 September at Bodhi Khaya, Stanford. A whole weekend of body delight in the workings of Kundalini with Kundalini yoga teacher Patwant and myself

BlissDance Retreat 7 - 9 October at Bodhi Khaya Stanford. Come dance, come dance, come dance! Our first BlissDance weekend at Bodhi Khaya this year was so powerful and delicious that we had to have another one this year. Remember how you feel after one BlissDance class. Now imagine a whole weekend of that...

Tantric Meditation Retreat 28 - 31 October: Lotus Garden Retreat Center Knysna. This retreat is a further development of the Conscious Sexuality Retreat i have been presenting this time of the year at this beautiful venue. I am feeling such a passion for Tantric meditation, and there are so many meditations I haven't had the chance to share with you yet. So this retreat will be a long weekend of pure indulgence in doing just that.

What are Tantric meditations?
Tantric meditations foster immersion in pure presence through sensory and bodily experience. Meditations may for instance involve a focus on a breathing pattern, on sound, or on a subtle movement through the spine. Sometime stages of the meditation are wild and expressive to enable deeper dropping into stillness after. Some meditations are solo and others are done with a partner. You do not need to bring a partner along.

Erotic and Beyond Tantra Foundation Course

Eight evening sessions September - November, Cape Town

Conscious exploration of eroticism is a fundamental gateway to Tantric practice, as it reveals and integrates key unconscious materials. Without this foundational work, it is difficult to make progress with the meditation of Tantra, as unconscious programmes will keep distracting you, despite your best efforts. The basic method of Erotic and Beyond is a group exploration of themes in eroticism that reveal in the group. By giving breathing space and expression to deeply held desires, the unconscious also gets an opportunity to reveal hidden fears. Whatever has been fully experienced is no longer hidden in the unconscious, and so great freedom can ensue. Click here for the full programme. If you are interested in this course, let me know which nights of the week you prefer - Mondays, Tuesdays or Thursdays.

Woman Awake. A retreat for women. 21 - 24 October in the Little Karoo.

This retreat is a follow-up on the Wild Woman/Skydancing retreat that I have presented at this location for several years. It is suitable to women who have either done this retreat, or have done significant personal or group work with me. Bookings with Annwen Mazetti  <annwenmazetti@gmail.com>,

Emotional and Sexual Body De-armouring and Body Intelligence Development

17 - 20 November with Andrew Barnes

Andrew Barnes is an Australian based sex coach and body worker who does beautiful work with sexual trauma release and emotional body de-armoring.
Releasing holding patterns in the body. Together, I think we can cook up a storm. These are the themes we have identified for this workshop:

  •  Releasing suppressed emotions relating to holding patterns
  • Completing the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system response to trauma
  • De-constructing belief systems of the mind
  • Kinaesthetic experience of ones own body armouring that is associated to memory (dance, energy movement & bodywork)
  • Experiencing presence without armouring
  • Felt sense or body intelligence development (breath work)
  • Pineal gland activation
  • Physical cleansing with food

Energetic Orgasm Retreat with Andrew Barnes, 26 - 28 November 2011

 Andrew and I will be facilitating a weekend retreat to give a lucky bunch of people a chance to share this gift with us. Energetic orgasm involves a flooding of the subtle and physical bodies with kundalini energy and bliss. We will be exploring all the subtle ways in which your body can be opened to energetic orgasm, and in which you can support your partner to this experience.

Sexuality and Consciousness Conference 2 - 4 December 2011
Erin Hall, Rondebosch, Cape Town

The Third International African Sexuality and Consciousness Conference is in Cape Town again this year! Last year was a phenomenal success. The quality of presentations and the soulfulness of what was shared had people in awe, in tears and in laughter. This conference is for practitioners but is also excellent for serious students of Tantra.

Tantra Training Intensive 8 - 13 December

Rahasya and I will again be presenting the Tantra Training Intensive which last year had more than 20 participants from all over the country and abroad.As I travel, people from abroad are already starting to make plans to come. For details click here


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