07 August 2011

Shakti's Tantra News August

Hello beloveds,

And greetings to you from Kazakhstan, where I am teaching the last of my workshops on this 3 month world tour that started in May. To to read my travel blog, go to http://www.blog.shakti.co.za/. It has been beautiful and fun teaching with Dan Brule in Moscow and Russia; he will be back to teach with me in October.

I arrive back home 20 August and am so looking forward to playing in the fields of awareness with you on home ground again. September sees the start of my next Erotic and Beyond course. In having taught this material over shorter periods in other countries now, I am very aware of how powerfully transformative work with eroticism is am how lucky we are to be able to do this work over 8 weeks at my home base. I have also just fallen deeply in love again with Tantric meditations and look forward to sharing more of that with you in Knysna end of October. Then this December Rahasya and I are presenting a bumper Tantra training: First the 5 day  Tantra Training that was so successful and popular last year, and then a 3 day Tantra Intensive for those who have already done the Tantra Training.

Here is a summary of what is coming for the rest of the year. Click on the links for details and to book or email the person indicated for more information or to book.

19 - 20 August I am available for sessions in Johannesburg. contact me on shakti@shakti.co.za
25 August I take over BlissDance from Stephen - every Wednesday evenings 7.45pm in the Kalk  Bay Community Center as usual.
September sees the start of 8 weeks of Erotic and Beyond - my Tantra Foundation Course.
16 - 18 September is our next BlissDance retreat in Stanford - the Blissfilled Body.
23 - 26 September I am teaching the Totality Therapy Intro training in London, followed by 2 days of sessions.
30 September - 2 October I will be resenting at the European Sexuality and Consciousness Conference in Prague
7 - 11 October Dan and I are teaching Breathwork and Tantra in Stanford.
21 - 24 October is time for Woman Awake - a retreat in the wild for those women who have done significant work with me already.
29 - 31 October is time for the Tantric Meditation Retreat in Knysna
8 - 13 December Rahasya and I teach the Tantra Training in the Cederberg
13 - 16 December is the Tantra Intensive.
Early next year I start teaching a 14 month Totality Therapy Training that will be internet based with a 10 day residential in California July 2012.

That's it for now beloveds. See you very soon!



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