04 August 2011

Women Awake! Tantra retreat for Women

Woman Awake
A Retreat for Women

21 - 24 October 2011
N!au 'Ma, Little Karoo

Who is the retreat for?

This retreat is a follow-up on the Wild Woman/Skydancing retreat that I have presented at this location for several years. It is suitable to women who have either done a woman's retreat with me before, or have done significant personal or group work with me.

Retreat focus

In the Skydancing Retreat and Chakra Workshop that women have attended with me so far, we have encouraged the awakening of female sexual energy in the first to third chakras. This retreat is focusing on the awakening of the fourth to seventh chakra in women, and specifically, the directing of sexual energy or kundalini through these chakras.

Retreat themes

1. Wild at Heart

The heart chakra wakes up when we become willing to feel everything and still let our hearts remain open. Come take the space to feel your wild, uncontained heart, and to give it wings - let it fly - take it Skydancing!

2. Divine Will

Beyond the heat chakra, our personal will merges with divine will. The power that moves through us becomes cosmic rather than personal. Bring your sexual energy and come dance in the fields of the tao or the dharma.

3. Cosmic Senses

When our sexual energy wakes up through the third eye or sixth chakra, our intuition, spontaneity and extrasensory perception open up. Come let me guide you into this journey of delicious, mystical sensory discovery.

4. The One Self

The crown of our physical body's sexual experience is when our sexual energy moves through our crown chakras. This takes us into a deep and ecstatic experience of oneness with all that is.

What will we be doing?

immersion in nature
landscape art
dialogue, women's circles and lots of sharing

Cost and Bookings

Cost is R2 750, which includes accommodation but not meals (we will share these amongst ourselves).


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