11 October 2011

Shakti's October Tantra Newsletter

Hello beloveds

I am just back from Prague where I gave a talk at the European Sexuality and Consciousness Conference on the topic "Making love to angels and demons: The life of an Advaita Dakini". I have posted a summary of my talk here, and hope to have the youtube footage up soon. As I walked through the beautiful streets of Prague, I saw angels flying off the buildings (all lit up at night) and saw little chubby angels intently kissing dark demons climbing out of black rock. This was fascinating and amusing to me, especially as these images were nestled in between the austere figures of Christian martyrs. The latter images reminded me of the Middle Ages, when death by the black plague drove so many to a martyr-oriented view of God. Deep in our psyches there still is the residue, inherited in our genes, that God is out there and ready to punish those who are Bad. It is time for the melting and merging of Good and Bad in us, and the realization that God(dess) is everywhere. Hell happens only when we refuse to feel what is.  And it is time for us to find the courage - the power of the heart - to face the emotional states associated with Good and Bad (such as Guilt and Shame).

Therefore I am delighted about three powerful events lying ahead for us this summer:
  • This Thursday 6 - 10pm, Dan Brule is doing a group breathing session at Phakalane.
  • In November, Andrew Barnes and I are doing a workshop on releasing emotional and sexual body armoring. Both Andrew and I have been doing extensive work in this field, here and all across the globe.
  • In December, my teacher Rahasya and I are again running a 5 day Tantra Training, this time followed by a 3 day Tantra Intensive for those who have done the training. This training is for those who are ready to dive deep into their unconscious, to face fears and desires, and who wish to wake up, this lifetime.

Another powerful opportunity that is right at your doorstep now, is having sessions with breathwork master Dan Brule, who is in town this week. I have found his sessions profoundly transformative, and a deep immersion in the truth of who I really am. See details below.

Lastly, you will soon be receiving details of the 14 month internet based Totality Therapy Training that I will be running from early next year. This feels like a blessed and inspired opportunity for me to share in a more ongoing way with a group of committed seekers and practitioners across the globe, and for you to share with each other.


My rates are now R600 per hour and sessions are usually two hours. For the month of October, I am only seeing existing clients and students; new clients are welcome to book for November. New clients who wish to book sooner, I recommend Natasha (see details below). See my sessions details attached.

Other practitioners

Breathwork Master Dan Brule is in town and teaching with me this weekend. His work is deeply transformative; it has taken me to profound states of awakeness. He is doing a special breathwork event at Phakalane 13 October. For details and bookings, contact Rhianne (rhiannevdl@gmail.com). Here are details for his sessions:

Private Sessions with Dan Brule at Phakalane in Hout bay

90 min Breathwork session: Cost: R1100

Wednesday 12th Oct & Thursday 13th Oct

Limited slots available


All Enquiries/Bookings - Contact:

Rhianne van der Linde - rhiannevdl@gmail.com


Please remember that I am a member of a school with practitioners based in Johannesburg; go to http://tantraschool.co.za/ or advaittantra.com to find out more.

Natasha, who has been apprenticing with me, is open for consultation - see her beautiful website http://www.wingsandroots.co.za/

Upcoming events

Emotional and Sexual Body De-armouring
and Body Intelligence Development

17 - 20 November
Art Farm, Noordhoek Cape Town

Shakti Malan and
Andrew Barnes

Andrew Barnes is an Australian based sex coach and body worker who does beautiful work with sexual trauma release and emotional body de-armoring and releasing holding patterns in the body. Together, I think we can cook up a storm. These are the themes we have identified for this workshop:

  • Releasing suppressed emotions relating to holding patterns
  • Completing the sympathetic and para-sympathetic nervous system response to trauma
  • De-constructing belief systems of the mind
  • Kinaesthetic experience of ones own body armouring that is associated to memory (dance, energy movement & bodywork)
  • Experiencing presence without armouring
  • Felt sense or body intelligence development (breath work)
  • Pineal gland activation
  • Physical cleansing with food
Bookings and Inquiries: Annwen annwenmazetti@gmail.com
Cost R4 400 facilitation fee; accommodation available at additional cost.

Tantric Training:
Into the Depths

8 - 13 December 2011
Gecko Creek, Cederberg
Facilitated by Rahasya and Shakti

Tantra Intensive
13 - 16 December 2011

Into the Depths is a five day intensive course brought to you by two highly experienced Tantrikas. Tantra is a mystery tradition that includes all aspects of our being, also our sexuality, in the quest for awakening. Tantra has traditionally been seen as the fast path, the most direct route to breaking through illusions and waking up to the truth of who we really are. It is a path for spiritual warriors, fools for the divine, tightroap-walkers into the depths of existence.

Want to come play?

The Facilitators: Rahasya and Shakti

Sw Advait Rahasya is the Director of the Advait Tantraschool of South Africa; see tantraschool.co.za. He is one of the rare few living Tantra masters on the planet today. Rahasya's teachings are a unique contemporary interpretation of the ancient Tantric mystery traditions. His touch is extroadinary and his style of teaching incisive, quirky and compassionate. Shakti Malan is a Dakini and member of the Advait Tantraschool. She has a strong practice in Cape Town and has been teaching internationally in the UK and US. For more on her teaching, see shakti.co.za and totalitytherapy.com

A Training Programme

Tantra is a practical path; it is a set of practices rather than a philosophy or a religion. The teaching reveals itself through personal practice. Whether you come to this event as a facilitator of others or purely for your own journey, our focus remains the same: It is through doing your own inner work that you develop the capacity to support others. The deeper you dive into your own psyche, the more of you becomes present to radiate awareness into the world.

Our focus on this training will be on your personal experience. In addition, we will bring in the meta-perspective of the facilitator, helping you to understand and access the techniques and processes we are using to facilitate your journey.

Who is this training for?

This training is for any committed seekers of truth who are asking the big questions:
Who am I (really?)
What is the truth?
How can I live in unconditional love?

The training is structured in a way that it will deeply serve both those who are coming only for their own personal work and those who wish to insert more of the wisdom of Tantra into their professional practice. We welcome practitioners from all walks of life: conscious sexuality, yoga and meditation teachers, healers, medical practitioners, psychologists and sexologists, body workers, sex workers, leaders, teachers. We are expecting participants from all over South Africa and the world. While partners are welcome to join the training together, you are most welcome to join the programme on your own.

Into the Depths

A central approach of Tantra is to open you to the full depths of your experience. We habitually and continually repress and deny much of the feeling, sensation and emotion that is available to us. Our work and play together will help you to access the depths of your experience that has been denied, and thus to open to the heights of sensation you are capable of.


Our themes for the training are:

A. Embracing desire and fear

  1. Learning to use your erotic impulse as a way to mine what is in the unconscious
  2. Acquiring practices that assist you to stay present in the fire of your deepest fears and desires
  3. Finding ways to distinguish between association and the real of experience
  4. Getting to know how the nervous system responds when what has been repressed gets accessed
  5. Witnessing, experiencing and learning how to facilitate the nervous system and the emotional body through the re-integration of what has been repressed

B. The Soulmate Within
  1. Making conscious your inner masculine and feminine and the relationship between them
  2. Understanding and practicing right relationship between your inner masculine and feminine
  3. Reclaiming aspects of your inner masculine and feminine that have been projected outward on to significant others
  4. Exploring the real of love, fidelity, trust, commitment and other concepts associated with intimate relationship


Tantric meditations
facilitated discussions
conscious touch technique teaching
witnessed individual sessions with participants
opportunities to explore and practice with each other
blissdance and waterbliss, two Tantric movement systems created by Shakti

Tantra Intensive
13 - 16 December 2011

This year's Tantra Training is followed by a Tantra Intensive. This is an advanced retreat for people who have done the Tantra Training last year or this year. The focus of the Intensive will be a deepening of the work done in the Training. The event will also be a celebration, an opportunity to immerse in the bliss of awakening with Rahasya and Shakti.

The place: Gecko Creek, Cederberg

Gecko Creek is an exquisite venue in the Cederberg, remarkably easy to access and only 2 - 3 hours' drive from Cape Town. See geckocreek.com. The Cederberg is an exquisitely beautiful wild area north of Cape Town in the Western Cape. Gecko Creek forms part of the only leopard sanctuary in South Africa. The rocky outcrops are full of San paintings, testifying to the fact that this place has been a sacred site for thousands of years. Cabins and tents all have extraordinary views over the wilderness. One of the reasons why we choose Gecko Creek is because it is a real immersion in nature, and brings us back to the basics of life.


Facilitation fee for Tantra Training: R5 500 if paid fully before 15 November
Facilitation fee for Tantra Intensive: R2 500

Food: Each person will be allocated meals to prepare.


Prices per person sharing for all five nights; single accommodation double the price

Cabin R1080
Tent (beds and bedding provided) R720
Camping R440 (Own tent and bedding)


Book with Shakti: shakti@shakti.co.za. R1 000 deposit required to reserve your place. Book early to avoid disappointment. The training will be limited to 18 participants.

With love



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