01 December 2011

Totality Therapy Internet Based Training: Time to Register

Totality Therapy Training
14-Month Online Training Intensive
with Shakti Malan (Ph.D)

starting February 2012

Registrations now open
with Claire Rumore

What is Totality Therapy?

Please read the full description of this method on the website:


Totality Therapy is a contemporary, streamlined interpretation of the ancient wisdom of Advaita* Tantra. It was developed and is taught by Dr Shakti Malan. Totality Therapy uses the method of total immersion in experience while evoking a strong witness presence within. Through experiencing primary polarities such as fear and desire, good and bad, masculine and feminine with intentional depth and thoroughness, we get to break through the polarized gridlocks of our existing ego structure.

* Advaita means 'that which is beyond duality'. For more on this approach, see my school's websites:www.tantraschool.co.za and www.advaittantra.com.

What is the Totality Therapy Online Course?

The Totality Therapy Online Course is a 14-month global intensive training with Shakti in the art and practice of Totality Therapy. It is important to realize that, apart from the content and experience, this course will connect you with Shakti in a way that you will receive deep inner transmissions from her. The course will be offered to a closed group of students from across the world and will require a commitment to participate from the onset to the completion of the course. Note: The training has a 10-day residential component in California October 2012, which is not required for course completion. There is also a 10-day Sexual Somatics Facilitation Training in May 2013, which will be compulsory for those who want to complete the facilitation training.

Why do the course?

• To do deep and life-changing inner work
• To receive a systematic sharing from Shakti of the professional skills she has developed in Totality Therapy
• To strengthen your skills as an awareness facilitator in any professional field that touches on sexuality
• To receive a transmission of energy and awareness from Shakti as she connects with you though the course

About Shakti Malan (Ph.D.)

Shakti is a dakini or teacher of the mysteries of Tantra and member of the Advait Tantraschool (tantraschool.co.za). Shakti is based in Cape Town, South Africa but teaches and practices across the world. Her central approach is to enter the totality of experience as a gateway to awakening. Shakti believes that sexuality is the field which most powerfully directs us to this gateway. For more on her work, see www.shakti.co.za and www.totalitytherapy.com

Shakti's purpose as Tantric dakini is to facilitate your awakening to the essence of who you really are, while remaining fully functional in your body. Many traditions of enlightenment view the body as that which is to be transcended. Tantra sees the body as a vehicle for awakening. The process of dropping through veils of illusion can be very impactful on our nervous system, and every aspect of our physical and energetic bodies. Because Shakti values the body as the vehicle through which you can share your awakening with the world, she aims to ensure that your energetic and physical bodies are fully prepared for the process of waking up. This requires totality of the seeker - the willingness to have every aspect of your energetic and physical reality be purified by the power of truth. As this happens, conversely, the body becomes capable of sensing and experiencing on increasingly subtle and refined levels. Thus, the physical vessel of the body becomes a suitable instrument to transmit the essence of the awakened state.

Shakti has a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology, a discipline that teaches the practitioner to listen to the reality of groups and individuals from an insider perspective, through immersion in the texture of their lives. She spent many years translating the realities of vulnerable communities to decision makers in government, development organizations and corporates in the fields of poverty management, economic development and environmental management. Shakti’s training as dakini comes through the Advaita tradition and many years of immersion in meditation and conscious body practices.

Who is the course for?

Totality Therapy is for people who are serious about waking up - this lifetime. Awakening happens when we live in the full, embodied realization that there is no separate self and that we are essentially one with all of existence. Some traditions would call this the realization of our essential divinity. In Advaita, the awakened state is seen as that which exists beyond perceptions of duality. This course is suitable for any seeker/student, but is especially designed for practitioners/healers who would like to incorporate this method into their professional practice.

Video footage on Totality Therapy

click on the links

Shakti introducing Totality Therapy

short testimonial by a participant

How does it work?

Totality Therapy works as follows:
• The aim is greater awareness and presence, even if the road seems to go into unhappiness, disintegration and apparent madness.
• No expression of the person’s being is excluded – all mental, emotional, physical, sexual, subtle energetic and spiritual facets are met directly as they present themselves.
• The practitioner is involved with her whole being while maintaining a state of heightened awareness. Thus no boundaries are needed and the client is encouraged to embody his/her life with totality. Practitioners are taught how to meet clients from a place of core presence and receptivity that will impeccably guide their interactions with clients.

Focus on sexuality

Totality Therapy focuses on sexuality because sexuality is a potent and mystical force for awakening. Specifically:
• Eros is a guide into the unconscious
• Sexual energy powerfully awakens our life force
• Sexuality can immerse us in-the-moment with pure presence

Course Themes

In this course we will explore in-depth the seven basic methods of Totality Therapy:
1. Lifting taboos and suppressions (facing fears) through

• Exploring your own sexual boundaries
• Touching cellular memories
2. Embracing fantasies and desires through
• Articulating fantasies and desires
• Experiencing what has been desired
3. Integrating polarities through
• Processing polarized ego states
• Developing a witness
4. Expanding heart capacity through
• Experiencing and venting emotions
• Opening the heart
5. Developing presence in the body through
• Breath awareness
• Sensory awareness
• Nervous system re-patterning
6. Male-female integration through
• Identifying the inner relationship
• Clearing external relationships
7. Meditation in the moment through
• Tantric meditation practice
• Sexual experience

Course structure

The structure of this course is wavelike; that is, the unfolding is lateral rather than linear. The wave of the structure has three elements:

Initiating/catalyzing: The work starts with evoking and integrating desires and fears that are in our unconscious. These shadow or unconscious parts of ourselves need to be brought into awareness. We do this in Totality Therapy through exploring your eroticism, your relationship to taboo, and through masculine-feminine projection work.

Processing: Once unconscious material has been evoked, you will need support in processing and integrating the states that arise. You will be taught ways of opening your being deeply to feelings and sensations, keeping your heart open while in the midst of intense experiences such as loneliness and/or depression, and then integrating the polarized states that otherwise keep our ego structures contracted in fear.

Presence: The processing of unconscious material results in the dropping of veils and a deepened capacity to be simply present in the mystery of this moment. This is like riding the crest of the wave. You will be guided in developing an attitude of pure presence and meditative mindfulness in every aspect of your life. Totality therapy approaches presence as an integrated practice which remains even when we are immersed in intense experience, such as during lovemaking or while experiencing fear or grief.

This is an experiential course

This is an experiential rather than a theoretical course. You will benefit from the course to the degree that you participate, do the exercises and open to the experiences that life brings you. By doing this course, you are making a massive statement to existence that you are ready to wake up, and so your life is bound to become an accelerated curriculum. The course itself will give you the support and framework to use what happens in your life for your awakening.

Course format

The Totality Therapy Online course will include the following elements:

1. Bi-monthly lessons containing
• thematic content
• assignments for the following two weeks
• audio or video footage where appropriate

2. Interactive web-based chat room for students to share their experience of homework. Students will be required to write essays and respond to each other's work. Shakti will actively contribute to and facilitate this online discussion by giving feedback to student entries in the chat room.

3. Monthly one hour tele-seminar for the group that will be recorded and available as an archived resource.

4. An optional ten day residential retreat in California October 2012 (which will have a separate cost from the course) - compulsory for those who want to complete the facilitation training

5. An optional ten day Sexual Somatics Facilitation Training in May 2013 (which will have a separate cost from the course), - compulsory for those who want to complete the facilitation training

5. Four (4) 60-minute individual Skype sessions with Shakti over the course of the 14 months(additional sessions can be booked at extra cost).

6. Buddy support and work group support in cities with several participants


Fee for the full 14 months: $2 500/ 1 600 pounds/ 1 900 Euro/ R20 100. Credit card, paypal and monthly installment options available at additional cost (information upon inquiry). $400 non-refundable deposit required to secure your place on the course. See the bottom of this document for registration information.

Entry requirements

This course is meant for students who have attended the 3 day Totality Therapy Intro Training with Shakti or equivalent work. Students who have not done any work with Shakti will be interviewed (at cost - $300/ 200 pounds/ R1 500) to ascertain readiness. Preference will be given to students who have done significant work with Shakti before, but new applicants will be considered. Because this course involves intensive participation and involvement, numbers will be limited.

What will the course require of you?

As the course is experiential, the commitment to do this training will require you to make time to deeply explore the exercises given in each bi-monthly lesson. The exercises you will be given to do will mostly involve the following:
a) catalyzing experiences (e.g. initiating opportunities for fantasy exploration)
b) bringing a specific quality of attention/focus to your life (e.g. noticing and processing polarities that arise)
c) active meditations to integrate awareness in the body

You will also be committing to doing homework essays, regular communication with your buddies and work group (where relevant) participating in the group teleseminar and the chat room discussions (at least one response to the work of others every two weeks).

For practitioners

Practitioners who want to apprentice with Shakti have the option of one-to-one or Skype based mentorship to build their professional skills in this work.

Requirement for completion of apprenticeship:
• Attending both the 10 day Totality Therapy Intensive and the 10 day Sexual Somatic Facilitation Training
• One hundred hours of case studies documented
• Thirty case studies discussed over 10 - 20 Skype or person-to-person sessions with Shakti. Cost: $300/200 pounds/R1 500 per two hour session

Qualification and certification

Students who complete the course will be given a certificate of course completion. To qualify for course completion recognition, students need to have participated in at least 80 % of the activities (chat room discussions, buddy exchanges, homework essays, Skype sessions and teleseminars). Although the residential retreat and facilitation training retreats will not be compulsory for course completion, it is highly recommended, and it is compulsory for those who wish to do the apprenticeship program.

Practitioners who complete the apprenticeship will be given a certificate in recognition of apprenticeship.

In the interest of excellence, Shakti maintains the right to terminate participation in the course and the apprenticeship where students do not display sufficient commitment, readiness or aptitude.

Please note that Shakti's training is not accredited with any official institution. This affords the work the freedom to express its totality without being regulated by the culture.

The aim of the Totality Training Online Course and Apprenticeship is to take you deeper into the living and expressing of who you are in whatever ways that expresses. It is not meant to bestow on you a title or external authority, but rather to deepen the inner authority of your being to live your unique gifts to the world. We share with the world who we are, not what we do or profess to be capable of.

Registration and booking information

To begin the registration process or to request more information
(about payment options, etc)
contact Claire Rumore
Skype: ClaireDeViva
Facebook: claire.rumore
Phone: (001) 415-690-9167

We look forward to diving into the depths with you!

with love,


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