02 April 2012

April Tantra Newsletter


I resend this newsletter as it came out unclear in the previous version.

I am in South Africa for another month. Below, upcoming events. The work with Aaron has proven to be deeply blessed - we have had awesome feedback from our previous retreat. And the upcoming event is really well priced. Book now to get the best accommodation.

Aaron is available to do sessions with me or on his own until mid April. This is an exquisite healing opportunity for women who want to work on their relationship with male presence.

And in May, a very unique opportunity to experience Water Rebirthing, an exquisite modality that can result in deep, cellular repatterning and opening to bliss. I will be doing waterbliss, a water-based version of Blissdance.

Blissdance continues as usual on Wednesday evenings 7.45 pm - 9.30 pm at the Kalk Bay community hall. All welcome, cost R100, just arrive.

Wishing you a beautiful, awake, and love-filled Easter and beginning of autumn.

Much love

Intimate Presence
A Tantra Retreat
With Shakti Malan and Aaron Swanson

13 - 15 April 2012
Gecko Creek, Cederberg


This retreat addresses the core desire to live in greater intimacy - intimacy with ourselves, our beloveds and the world. Intimacy is an expression of love, embodied. It is like a precious flower that opens in the light of pure presence.

On intimate presence

We live in a society where true intimacy is a rarity, and is feared rather than cultivated. The more we look outside for objects, persons or activities to fulfill us, the more we become estranged from ourselves. Our relationships become superficial. Through developing presence with ourselves, we can become intimate with others and with all of life.

Before developing presence, our attention tends to be diluted through projected needs and fears that leave us always unsatisfied and craving for more, or unconsciously avoiding the intimacy that is right here. On this workshop, we will introduce you to simple ways of building your capacity for presence with yourself, with a partner and with all of life.

When we bring conscious presence to the heart, it enables the heart to truly love. Without such presence, the energy of the heart gets dissipated by emotional undercurrents generated by the subconscious mind.

Through the senses

We will enter presence through the gateway of the senses, starting with increasing your ability to sense and savor your environment, your body and the presence of another. Then we move into a fine sensing of the inner spaces where love dwells, and where sexual energy becomes pure bliss. The way we habitually use the senses causes alienation and separation. But the very same senses can take us into the heart of intimacy, where life becomes a boundary less field of wonder.

What can you expect?

somatic/ body oriented awareness practices
bliss dance, a movement system that opens us to bliss by releasing unconscious emotional blockages held in the body
partner meditations
discussions on the Tantric approach to lovemaking

Who is the retreat for?

This retreat is suitable for beginners in Tantric practice, but will also bring invaluable new dimensions to those who have been doing work with me. The work is as suited to couples as to people coming on their own. What is required is a sincere interest in developing presence and real intimacy with life.

Cost and bookings

Every now and again I offer an event that is super affordable;this is such an event. Facilitation fee R1 800 pp, excluding meals (which we share amongst us) and accommodation according to your choice, from R270 to R110 pppn sharing).

Bookings with Ahrian: ahriangaia@gmail.com

The facilitators

About Shakti Malan (Ph.D)

Shakti is a dakini or teacher of the mysteries of Tantra and member of the Advait Tantraschool (tantraschool.co.za). Shakti is based in Cape Town, South Africa but teaches and practices across the world. Her central approach is to enter the totality of experience as a gateway to awakening. Shakti believes that sexuality is the field which most powerfully directs us to this gateway. For more on her work, see www.shakti.co.za and www.totalitytherapy.com

Shakti's purpose as Tantric dakini is to facilitate your awakening to the essence of who you really are, while remaining fully functional in your body. Many traditions of enlightenment view the body as that which is to be transcended. Tantra sees the body as a vehicle for awakening. The process of dropping through veils of illusion can be very impactful on our nervous system, and every aspect of our physical and energetic bodies. Because Shakti values the body as the vehicle through which you can share your awakening with the world, she aims to ensure that your energetic and physical bodies are fully prepared for the process of waking up. This requires totality of the seeker - the willingness to have every aspect of your energetic and physical reality be purified by the power of truth. As this happens, conversely, the body becomes capable of sensing and experiencing on increasingly subtle and refined levels. Thus, the physical vessel of the body becomes a suitable instrument to transmit the essence of the awakened state. Shakti has a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology, a discipline that teaches the practitioner to listen to the reality of groups and individuals from an insider perspective, through immersion in the texture of their lives. She spent many years translating the realities of vulnerable communities to decision makers in government, development organizations and corporates in the fields of poverty management, economic development and environmental management. Shakti's training as dakini comes through the Advaita tradition and many years of immersion in meditation and conscious body practices.
About Aaron Swanson

From his early twenties, Aaron's life has been immersed in the study of Tantra and meditation. He has worked with the Tantric teachings of Bernie Prior, Barry Long, Saniel Bonder and David Deida, as well as Ipsalu Tantra, the intimacy practices of the Realization Process created by Judith Blackstone and the Womb Wisdom work of Padma Aon, exploring specifically these aspects of Tantric practice: Resting in Non Dual stillness, being present as Awareness fully in the body, conducting energy or Shakti throughout the body, and opening the heart and body fully to the mystery of Woman.

Aaron's exploration of consciousness and meditation practices has been through the work of masters such as Anadi, Adyashanti, John DeRuiter and Leslie Temple Thurston, through whose work he has discovered the ever deepening awakening of Pure Awareness beyond Form and its continuing clarification and evolution in the marriage of Spirit and Form within the Non Dual Ground of Being.

Aaron believes that Tantra is a path to embodied wholeness where we have the opportunity to bring the light of Pure Awareness and Divine Love deep into the body where all shadows and incongruencies in ones being must be faced with both the impeccable dedication of Spiritual Warriorship and the Heart of a sensitive Lover. Through the meeting of the Masculine and Feminine we have the opportunity to realize God in the Forms of the World, and support the evolution of our precious World into higher forms of development. It is a path of utter care and devotion that lovingly requires everything.

The place: Gecko Creek, Cederberg

Gecko Creek is an exquisite venue in the Cederberg, remarkably easy to access and only 2 - 3 hours' drive from Cape Town. See geckocreek.com. The Cederberg is an exquisitely beautiful wild area north of Cape Town in the Western Cape. Gecko Creek forms part of the only leopard sanctuary in South Africa. The rocky outcrops are full of San paintings, testifying to the fact that this place has been a sacred site for thousands of years. Cabins and tents all have extraordinary views over the wilderness. One of the reasons why we choose Gecko Creek is because it is a real immersion in nature, and brings us back to the basics of life.

Warm Water Rebirthing and WaterBliss
With Dan Brule and Shakti Malan
4 - 7 May 2012, Bot River

Warm water rebirthing

Warm water rebirthing is an exploration of rebirthing in warm water. Dan says about this modality:

"After some preparation and processing, you will find yourself floating in warm water, using the connected breathing rhythm while being lovingly supported by two people. The process accesses "womb consciousness" and awakens unity consciousness, restoring direct conscious connection to Source, Essence...

Water rebirthing facilitators accessing memories of being in the womb and the world (sometimes past
lives) that we took on as pure innocent open beings...
reviewing programs that were downloaded directly into the subconscious mind...
recognizing that these early impressions control and limit us from the unconscious level...
realizing that what our mother thought and felt, feared and believed, dreamed and desired...
these were taken on as "ours"...

The process facilitates the remembering or these early primal impressions and events, re-living them and 
re-programming them to empower and liberate us... to more fully embody our divine nature and more fully express our purpose and ultimate potential...


Waterbliss is an expression of BlissDance, a movement and expression space created by Shakti for the embodied exploration of Tantric principles. WaterBliss takes place in warm water and enhances two elements of BlissDance: the ecstatic playfulness of letting joy be felt in the body, and the deep letting go that the water element facilitates."


Waterbliss is a dance and movement modality that is about

exploring weight and suspension

trusting and letting go while being held in the collective womb of humanity represented by the group

exploring and finding freedom in movement assisted by your fellow dancers and the effect of the water on suspension of gravity

embodying dolphin energy - the deeply intelligent playfulness of the soul set free from the weight of our stories and identifications

experiencing what it is like to live in a different element - to be surrounded by water rather than air

shapeshifting - the water element supports you in experiencing the shape of your body differently

liquidity and fluidity

the oceanic experience of boundless oneness with all of existence

dissolving body armoring - the historical emotional protections that keep us from feeling

developing kinesthetic intelligence and surrendering into presence

resting in pure love, a deep purification of your being, and a return to innocence

For more information about Dan Brulé visit www.breathmastery.com.

For more information about Shakti Malan visit www.totalitytherapy.com​

Cost: R4 500 pp sharing, includes meals and accommodation.

Bookings: Book with Rhianne van der Linde: Rhiannevdl@gmail.com


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