25 June 2012

Shakti's July Tantra newsletter


Greetings from Paris, on the last of my travels before I briefly come back home. For my travel blog on the first leg of my travels, click this link. I'll post the England and Paris blogs soon.

This week Thursday you are invited to the launch of my book Sexual Awakening for Women. For the ebook version, go to shakti.co.za. If you can't come to the launch and want a copy, contact Ahrian Gaia. ahriangaia@gmail.com. The book is also available in Wordsworth nationwide.

With the book comes another exciting event: a 10 day intensive and facilitator's training in Sexual Awakening for Women. The first phase is happening in July and December, and the second phase only in December. Details below.

I am offering two other 10 day trainings this year that I am over-the-moon excited about: a 10 day BlissDance facilitators training 5 - 15 November, and a Totality Therapy training 28 September - 8 October in California.

Details of all the events below.


I have very little time for sessions in Cape Town this year, but I can recommend the following practitioners:
Natasha Troussava specializes in body dearmoring. She is based in Cape Town. Find her on wingsandroots.co.za
Rahasya, director of the Advait Tantraschool is based in Jhb and visits Cape Town monthly. Find him on advaittantra.com
Wendy Brown is a dakini of the Advait Tantraschool. She is based in Jhb and occasionally visits Cape Town. Find her on advaittantra.com
Annwen Mazetti, yogini in the Advait Tantraschool does Tantric touch work in Cape Town. Find her on advaittantra.com
Bianca Cotton -  bianca.bodysoul@gmail.com does beautiful massage (non-sexual) and Ian Light - wildvision@gmail.com is a fabulous shiatsu practioner.

Love and blessings

 Book launch of Sexual Awakening for Women

Kalk Bay, Cape Town
28 June 7 - 9.30 pm

Invitation to the book launch 

You are invited to the launch of of Sexual Awakening for Women: A Tantric Workbook by Shakti Mari Malan (Ph.D.)

The book will be for sale at R250 a copy, and the author will be available to sign copies.
Expect not only an introduction to the book by Shakti, but also a beautiful experiential journey into the awakening of female sexual energy.
This event is free and open to men and women.You are however required to RSVP to Ahrian: ahriangaia@gmail.com

About the book

Female sexual energy has a unique quality that is little understood in our world today. In Sexual Awakening for Women: A Tantric Workbook, Shakti shows women how to begin to taste again, and deeply enjoy, the bliss of female sexual energy. 

Shakti believes that female sexual energy is a gateway to spiritual awakening. Her work is an initiation into the deep mysteries of female sexuality. Sexual Awakening for Women takes women through an opening process of the first four chakras, or energy centers in the body, to awaken the flow of sexual energy or kundalini, and to connect with the energy of the heart.

The book addresses key concerns that block women from their sexual flowering, and provides ample exercises to assist women in releasing these blockages. Examples are:
▪ How to move beyond a critical relationship with your body to one of deep, poetic appreciation.
▪ Understanding the virgin-whore split in women's psyches, finding the gift in each of these archetypes, and a deep integration.
▪ Listening to our sexual organs, appreciating their stories and finding a deeply loving relationship with them
▪ Moving from a goal-oriented, contractive sexual experience to an open, flowing surrender into bliss.
▪ Bringing the masculine and feminine into dialogue, and finally, deep union with that which is beyond the ego-mind.

Sexual Awakening for Women
Workshop Intensive and Facilitators Training
Phase 1: 4 - 8 July, Scarborough Cape Town/ 1 - 5 December, Little Karoo 
Phase 2: 6 - 10 December, Little Karoo

Workshop Intensive

In this training, Shakti will take women through an intensive experiential journey of opening to the flow of awakened female sexual energy. This happens through the clearing of blocks in the chakras or energy vortexes in the body. The training is based on the material held in Sexual Awakening for Women: A Tantric Workbook. You will have an opportunity to encounter this work through direct transmission by the author.

Clearing blocks in the chakras

Each chakra or energy "hub" in the body holds specific unconscious patterning that needs to be cleared for energy to move freely up the body. This workshop intensive creates an opportunity for the systematic clearing of blocks held in each chakra. Here are some examples
  • Base chakra (on the perineum): Clearing our love relationship with the body, or relationship with desire, life and death.
  • Second chakra: Clearing tribal and ancestral blockages to the flow of awakened sexual energy, learning to listen to yoni (vagina) and following the flow of her energy through the body's circuits. Working through the virgin/whore/women's union archetypes in our psyches. Feeling safe to be sexual. 
  • Third chakra: Embracing our power, moving through duality, meeting men and the inner masculine. 
  • Fourth chakra: Loving our breasts, connecting heart and sex, dropping false identities, learning how to process feelings deeply and fully. 

Awakening female sexual energy  

When sexual energy wakes up in our bodies, it is called Kundalini. Kundalini is like a snake lying at the base of the spine. When it awakens, it starts to move up the body in an undulating, opening, receptive way. When this energy opens fully in us, it takes us into skydancing - the experience of full body orgasm and an ecstatic opening to the unknown, the mystery, the divine. Shakti will guide you into this experience through breathwork, movement and touch. 

Two phases

The workshop is presented in two phases. Phase 1 contains most of the material we work with in the first two chakras, and Phase two completes the process with the third and fourth chakras. It is possible to do just phase 1, but not just phase 2. The ideal is to do both.  For those who can do the first phase in July, this gives you time to integrate before doing the second phase. For international visitors, it is ideal to do both phases in one go in December.

Facilitation training

The workshop will give women the basic tools, skills and background to be able to facilitate this journey for groups of women. Some of the facilitation skills you will be guided through are:
  • how to hold a women's circle
  • deep listening
  • sexual somatic presencing - feeling what is happening in the bodies of participants, and guiding them deeper.  

Story circles
Subtle movement
Deep listening
Artwork and nature installations

Who is the training for?

The training is for women who have a deep desire to awaken female sexual energy as a spiritual force in their beings. It is possible, and entirely suitable, to do the work just for your own awakening. And the training is also offered for women who would like to facilitate this work for circles of women.

Comments from women  who have done women's work with Shakti

"I reached many times the ecstasy I've been searching for, through my addictions. I met my power, I held it and I promised never to abandon it, I forgave myself for not being gentle to myself, to the Divine in me. I don't know how I can ever be grateful enough. Let me be humble, let me surrender all I am to you Divine."

"To you, Shakti, our amazing leader, and to each of you dear fellow travelers, such gratitude for exquisite times shared, profound lessons learned and in resting together in the simplicity and Okness of Being. The sheer naturalness, openness of those short days will feed my soul forever with the lightness of being. In the nakedness of truth real words are hard to find, yet I need to say how ecstatic I feel in experiencing the depth, strength, love, wisdom and beauty of womanhood expressed in each of you. My heart sings and this means yoni too!
May we continue together as champions of the feminine.
For images and reflections on previous retreats, see http://www.women.shakti.co.za/2009/08/womens-tantra-retreat-images-and.html
The venues: 
Scarborough, Cape Town, South Africa
The venue for the first edition of phase 1 (July 2012) is Scarborough, a magnificently beautiful nature spot close to Cape Point in Cape Town. We will be staying and working in a wooden house amongst the indigenous fynbos, and very close to the magnificent ocean where whales frolic this time of the year.

n!au 'ma, Little Karoo, Western Cape, South Africa
The venue for the December events is the farm n'au !ma, which is run in deep respect for nature as a place of retreat and ceremony. It is situated between Montague and Ladysmith, at the foot of the Anysberg. Accommodation is provided in beautiful Karoo style houses with broad verandas, fireplaces, gas stoves and fridges. There is an exquisite kloof on the farm, and some delicious dams. The night sky of the Karoo is something to experience. The farm is about 4 – 5 hours from Cape Town, and 3 hours from George.


4 - 8 July 2012: R5 800, which includes shared accommodation for four nights. Bookings after 20 June: R6 300
1 - 5 December 2012: R6 750, includes accommodation for seven nights. Bookings after 20 November: R7 200
6 - 10 December 2012: R6 750, includes accommodation for seven nights. Bookings after 20 November: R7 200
1 - 10 December 2012: R12 750 includes accommodation for twelve nights. Bookings after 20 November: R13 500

Please note that the December events are out of Cape Town and so participants are required to come the day before the workshop starts and leave the day after. Workshops will consist of five full days each.

Price includes:

Shared accommodation. Single accommodation may be available at additional cost
Full facilitation fees

Price excludes:
Meals, which will be done on a bring and share basis. Each woman will be assigned a partner to prepare some meals with.
Transport to and from the venue. The organizers will assist in the coordination of lifts.
Copies of Sexual Awakening for Women: A Tantric Workbook will be for sale at R250

Book with Annwen: annwenmazetti@gmail.com

Totality Therapy 

10-Day Intensive Training

  with Shakti Malan (Ph.D.)

Assisted by Aaron Swanson

29 September – 8 October 2012
Sebastopol, California

What is Totality Therapy?

Please read the full description of this method on the website:

Click below to see video footage:

Shakti Introducing Totality Therapy

Totality Therapy is a contemporary, streamlined interpretation of the ancient wisdom of Advaita* Tantra. It was developed and is taught by Dr Shakti Malan. Totality Therapy uses the method of total immersion in experience while evoking a strong witness presence within. Through experiencing primary polarities such as fear and desire, good and bad, masculine and feminine with intentional depth and thoroughness, we get to break through the polarized gridlocks of our existing ego structure.
* Advaita means 'that which is beyond duality'.For more on this approach, see my school's websites:www.tantraschool.co.za and www.advaittantra.com.

Training Themes

In this residential we will explore in-depth the seven basic themes of Totality Therapy:
  1. Lifting taboos and suppressions (facing fears) through
  • Exploring your own sexual boundaries
  • Touching cellular memories
2. Embracing fantasies and desires through
  •  Articulating fantasies and desires
  • Experiencing what has been desired
3. Integrating polarities through
  • Processing polarized ego states
  • Developing a witness
  • Expanding heart capacity through
  • Experiencing and integrating emotions
  • Opening the heart
4. Developing presence in the body through
  • Releasing body armoring
  • Breath awareness
  • Sensory awareness
  • Nervous system re-patterning
5. Male-female integration through
  • Identifying the inner relationship
  • Clearing external relationships
6. Meditation in the moment through
  • Tantric meditation practice
  • Sexual chi kung
  • Subtle erotic experience


The methods that we will be using on this training include:
  • Enactments to solicit and integrate unconscious materials
  • Gestalt role play
  • Breathwork, movement, sound and gesturing
  • BlissDance
  • Group discussions and presentations by facilitators
  • Subtle body awareness practices
  • Bodily and energetic transmission
  • Precise meeting of nervous system response by the facilitators to facilitate integration and awakening
  • Shamanic tracking of the group spirit 

Residential training

The ten day residential retreat gives participants time for
a deep immersion in the material of Totality in the field
and with the support of Shakti and her assistants. This
time will support each individual into a deep meeting
with and unwinding of unconscious sexual materials, and
an awakening of our sacred sexual essence. Shakti is an
initiated dakini and her presence transmits a field that can
radically speed up the process of awakening consciousness
in our sexuality. The residential nature of the event also
gives participants an opportunity to connect and support
each other deeply through all the phases of the day.

Who is the training for?

This training is for people who are serious about waking
up to the truth of who we are, this lifetime. The methods
require total commitment and presence from participants,
and the willingness to have stuck ego patterns radically
opened up and expanded. The training runs parallel to
a longer practitioner training but by no means requires
participation in that program. The ten day training is meant
for you, as an immersion in the processes and learnings that
wake you up. All you have to bring to others, as person or as
facilitator, is yourself, in the state of consciousness that you
are able to occupy. Participation to this event will be limited
to 21 people (including support staff) and participants will
be evaluated for readiness.

About Shakti Mari Malan (Ph.D)

Shakti is an initiated Dakini or teacher of the ancient
mystical practices of Tantra, the art of sacred sexuality. She
is a member of the Advait Tantraschool (advaittantra.com),
is based in South Africa and teaches internationally. Shakti
has a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology, which contributed to
her capacity to facilitate awakening in groups. Shakti is the
author of Sexual Awakening for Women: A Tantric Workbook,
the designer of BlissDance, a movement form that releases
body armoring, and runs a 14 month practitioners training

in Totality Therapy. For more on her work, see shakti.co.za
and totalitytherapy.com

About Aaron Swanson

From his early twenties, Aaron's life has been immersed
in the study of Tantra and meditation. He has worked with
the Tantric teachings of Bernie Prior, Barry Long, Saniel
Bonder and David Deida, as well as Ipsalu Tantra, the
intimacy practices of the Realization Process created by
Judith Blackstone and the Womb Wisdom work of Padma
Aon, exploring specifically these aspects of Tantric practice:
Resting in Non Dual stillness, being present as Awareness
fully in the body, conducting energy or Shakti throughout
the body, and opening the heart and body fully to the
mystery of Woman.

Cost, Inquiries and Bookings

The total cost of the course, including all meals and basic accommodation, is $2150
For inquiries and applications, please contact Robyn Lynn:

Blissdance Intensive

and Facilitators Training

5 – 15 November 2012

Bodhi Khaya, Stanford, South Africa


Imagine ten days of immersion in the dance of presence and intimacy, surrounded by beautiful nature and the company of kindred souls. Imagine giving yourself fully to the dance, sharing richly and deeply with other dancers, and between dances - dropping into the stillness of the moment with a cup of tea on the porch, enjoying delicious meals, or floating naked between the lilies. Ten days of bliss awaits you. Come dance, beloveds!

Facilitators training

This event will give you an insider's experience of how I create BlissDance events and give you the basic skills to facilitate BlissDance processes. The facilitators training will introduce you to the dynamics that makes the dance so blissful, and also to the unique therapeutic modalities that are built into it. Dances will be filmed and participants will be given feedback on their own dances.

Some themes we will cover are:

Balancing and integrating the flow between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system through the dance

Dropping from the mind into the body

Working through associations held in movement in touch

Breathing into movement

Working with weight and suspension

Exploring boundaries and intimacy, space/closeness

Immersing totally in experience while maintaining a witness

Releasing dysfunctional body armoring

Deepening access to feeling/emotions

Dancing shadow states

Practically, the facilitators training aspect of the intensive will give you a good introduction to

How to choose music for the dance

How to create a playlist

Facilitating key BlissDance dances

Guiding dances that can be done on their own for therapeutic purposes

About BlissDance


is the balance that happens

When we fully embrace

Both our shadow and our light

And come to rest

In love

When we drop deep into the center of presence, every cell of our bodies gets infused with the eros of life. We smell the ambrosia of being. When we open to the full aliveness of our bodies, stillness arises of itself.

Blissdance is an exploration of intimate presence with ourselves and with others, in movement and in stillness, music and silence. We find the authentic expression that comes from within. From the inside out, we let life dance us. We follow the breath. We follow the heartbeat of the earth pulsing through us. We rest in the amniotic fluid of being. We follow the spark of our bliss.

The dance space cultivates non-dual presence in the movement of our daily lives. It is an active meditation space. We learn to be present in anger as much as peace, jealousy and rage as much as tender love and passionate creativity. We dance our territory, and we dance into melting.

Blissdance has been designed with therapeutic intent as well. The dance wordlessly supports the unraveling and dismantling of patterns that keep us from being deeply present in our bodies. Some examples are:

Body armoring: We hold our bodies rigid in an attempt to protect ourselves from feeling too much - or feeling what we have been suppressing. Sometimes what we resist feeling is intimacy - sometimes it is sadness, fear or anger. All these states are welcome in the dance.

Associations: Over a lifetime of suppressing what we feel, we have started to build up meaning through associations. When someone touches you, what does it mean to you? When you enjoy the touch, what fears come up? Do they relate to past experiences or future projections? In BlissDance, these subconscious processes will become conscious for you. In awareness lies the liberation.

Habits of movement: One of the keys of BlissDance is that the dance moves you out of your habits and stuck ways. We act out some of the dramas of everyday life - like having a couple's fight - but do that in a conscious way, as a celebration of the body, and as an act of freedom. In doing that, something gives way, more space gets created, and we can celebrate our freedom more. Sometimes I use ancient shamanic techniques to help shake up the nervous system so that you can slip into this moment with no mind. Sometimes we dance wild and crazy with little structure and limitation, to let that energy be expressed and accessed in the body. Eventually, as Rumi says:

something opens up

I taste only sacredness

The moment softens. We get to feel everything intimately. We welcome what is, no longer resist, and in that we can meet the beloved, in the dance, in this moment. In the first place, that beloved is my very own being. Then I can meet him/her in the other, the group, my life, existence.

All it takes is a little willingness. The music, the facilitation and the group will carry you along into what you really want: A deep opening into this present precious moment.

Blissdance draws on the wisdom of Biodanza and various other dance, movement and meditation traditions.

Who is the event for?

 BlissDance is for those who are yearning for presence, freedom and truth. It is for the brave spiritual warriors who are not scared to dance their ridiculousness and to let their vulnerability be felt in the dance as well. You are welcome to come just for the dance. For those who wish to use BlissDance in their dance or play with others, this training will give you a solid foundation to start using the magic of BlissDance for that purpose. 

The venue: Bodhi Khaya 

Bodhi Khaya (http://www.bodhi-khaya.co.za) outside Stanford, Western Cape, South Africa, must be one of the most exquisite retreat centers in the world. Nestled amongst mountains, covered in indigenous fynbos and close to the ocean, Bodhi Khaya is a lush nature haven for those who want to go deep within, and rest in the bliss of nature. The retreat center has a beautiful wooden dance hall and accommodation is provided in a variety of shapes and sizes, all in Cape Dutch architecture. 


 Shakti Malan

Shakti is a dakini or teacher of the mysteries of Tantra. Shakti is based in Cape Town, South Africa but teaches and practices across the world. Her central approach is to enter the totality of experience as a gateway to awakening. For more on her work, see www.shakti.co.za and www.totalitytherapy.com

Shakti's purpose as dakini is to facilitate your awakening to the essence of who you really are, while remaining fully functional in your body. Many traditions of enlightenment view the body as that which is to be transcended. Tantra sees the body as a vehicle for awakening. The process of dropping through veils of illusion can be very impactful on our nervous system, and every aspect of our physical and energetic bodies. Because Shakti values the body as the vehicle through which you can share your awakening with the world, she aims to ensure that your energetic and physical bodies are fully prepared for the process of waking up. This requires totality of the seeker - the willingness to have every aspect of your energetic and physical reality be purified by the power of truth. As this happens, conversely, the body becomes capable of sensing and experiencing on increasingly subtle and refined levels. Thus, the physical vessel of the body becomes a suitable instrument to transmit the essence of the awakened state.

Shakti has a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology, a discipline that teaches the practitioner to listen to the reality of groups and individuals from an insider perspective, through immersion in the texture of their lives. She spent many years translating the realities of vulnerable communities to decision makers in government, development organizations and corporates in the fields of poverty management, economic development and environmental management. Shakti's training as dakini comes through the Advaita tradition and many years of immersion in meditation and conscious body practices.

Supporting facilitators


Willem Smuts

Willem is a highly experienced and much loved and highly experienced facilitator in the tradition of Biodanza (see biodanza.co.za), a dance form that has significantly influenced the development of BlissDance. Willem brings a fiery passion, creativity and vitality to the dance which deeply inspires dancers. Willem is also an extraordinary healer.

Ian Light

Ian Light has been facilitating his own unique expression of BlissDance with and without Shakti for the last year. He brings to the dance his deep understanding of the body that comes through his shiatsu practice. Ian has a magical gift with sound, and brings that into the dance. As a dancer and dance facilitator, Ian also brings into the dance his love and deep understanding of Contact Improvisation.

Cost and bookings

 Cost including meals and excluding accommodation is R10 000 for the 10 days. After 20 October R11 000

Bookings and accommodation options with Ahrian: ahriangaia@gmail.com


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