10 June 2012

Totality Therapy Intensive

  with Shakti Malan (Ph.D.)

Assisted by Aaron Swanson

29 September – 8 October 2012

What is Totality Therapy?

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Shakti Introducing Totality Therapy

Totality Therapy is a contemporary, streamlined interpretation of the ancient wisdom of Advaita* Tantra. It was developed and is taught by Dr Shakti Malan. Totality Therapy uses the method of total immersion in experience while evoking a strong witness presence within. Through experiencing primary polarities such as fear and desire, good and bad, masculine and feminine with intentional depth and thoroughness, we get to break through the polarized gridlocks of our existing ego structure.
* Advaita means ‘that which is beyond duality’.For more on this approach, see my school’s websites:www.tantraschool.co.za and www.advaittantra.com.

Training Themes

In this residential we will explore in-depth the seven basic themes of Totality Therapy:
  1. Lifting taboos and suppressions (facing fears) through
  • Exploring your own sexual boundaries
  • Touching cellular memories
2. Embracing fantasies and desires through
  •  Articulating fantasies and desires
  • Experiencing what has been desired
3. Integrating polarities through
  • Processing polarized ego states
  • Developing a witness
  • Expanding heart capacity through
  • Experiencing and integrating emotions
  • Opening the heart
4. Developing presence in the body through
  • Releasing body armoring
  • Breath awareness
  • Sensory awareness
  • Nervous system re-patterning
5. Male-female integration through
  • Identifying the inner relationship
  • Clearing external relationships
6. Meditation in the moment through
  • Tantric meditation practice
  • Sexual chi kung
  • Subtle erotic experience


The methods that we will be using on this training include:
  • Enactments to solicit and integrate unconscious materials
  • Gestalt role play
  • Breathwork, movement, sound and gesturing
  • BlissDance
  • Group discussions and presentations by facilitators
  • Subtle body awareness practices
  • Bodily and energetic transmission
  • Precise meeting of nervous system response by the facilitators to facilitate integration and awakening
  • Shamanic tracking of the group spirit 

Residential training

The ten day residential retreat gives participants time for
a deep immersion in the material of Totality in the field
and with the support of Shakti and her assistants. This
time will support each individual into a deep meeting
with and unwinding of unconscious sexual materials, and
an awakening of our sacred sexual essence. Shakti is an
initiated dakini and her presence transmits a field that can
radically speed up the process of awakening consciousness
in our sexuality. The residential nature of the event also
gives participants an opportunity to connect and support
each other deeply through all the phases of the day.

Who is the training for?

This training is for people who are serious about waking
up to the truth of who we are, this lifetime. The methods
require total commitment and presence from participants,
and the willingness to have stuck ego patterns radically
opened up and expanded. The training runs parallel to
a longer practitioner training but by no means requires
participation in that program. The ten day training is meant
for you, as an immersion in the processes and learnings that
wake you up. All you have to bring to others, as person or as
facilitator, is yourself, in the state of consciousness that you
are able to occupy. Participation to this event will be limited
to 21 people (including support staff) and participants will
be evaluated for readiness.

About Shakti Mari Malan (Ph.D)

Shakti is an initiated Dakini or teacher of the ancient
mystical practices of Tantra, the art of sacred sexuality. She
is a member of the Advait Tantraschool (advaittantra.com),
is based in South Africa and teaches internationally. Shakti
has a Ph.D. in Social Anthropology, which contributed to
her capacity to facilitate awakening in groups. Shakti is the
author of Sexual Awakening for Women: A Tantric Workbook,
the designer of BlissDance, a movement form that releases
body armoring, and runs a 14 month practitioners training

in Totality Therapy. For more on her work, see shakti.co.za
and totalitytherapy.com

About Aaron Swanson

From his early twenties, Aaron’s life has been immersed
in the study of Tantra and meditation. He has worked with
the Tantric teachings of Bernie Prior, Barry Long, Saniel
Bonder and David Deida, as well as Ipsalu Tantra, the
intimacy practices of the Realization Process created by
Judith Blackstone and the Womb Wisdom work of Padma
Aon, exploring specifically these aspects of Tantric practice:
Resting in Non Dual stillness, being present as Awareness
fully in the body, conducting energy or Shakti throughout
the body, and opening the heart and body fully to the
mystery of Woman.

Cost, Inquiries and Bookings

The total cost of the course, including all meals and basic accommodation, is $2150. The cost for bookings after 28 August is $2400
For inquiries and applications, please contact Robyn Lynn:


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