31 October 2012

The Form Reality Practice this Saturday

Subtle Tantra 
The Form Reality Practice of Bernie Prior

Introductory workshops
Kalk Bay, Cape Town 3 November
The Crags, Plettenberg Bay 17 November

Retreat 19 - 22 December 2012
Lotus Garden Retreat Center, Knysna forest

I am excited to introduce to South Africa the Form Reality Practice by Bernie Prior, a subtle Tantric practice that has profoundly changed my inner state and my relationship life. I will be doing two events to introduce the Form, and presenting a retreat in December focused on this beautiful Tantric dance. I am particularly grateful that we can have the retreat over 21 December, a momentous day in the evolution of human consciousness.

The Form is a subtle movement practice that brings together the masculine principle of consciousness and the feminine principle of form and sensation into a revolutionary awakening to the creative potential of this moment. During this workshop, you will be introduced to the principles of the Form and get to experience and practice parts of the Form. Some of the unique qualities of the Form Reality Practice™ are:
  • Whereas traditional meditation is solo practice, the Form can be practiced with a partner. It is a profound gift of awakening to both the giver and the receiver.
  • The coming together of movement and consciousness opens a radical awakening to this moment.
  • The Form demonstrates in our bodies the essence of the true masculine and feminine, and the dance of their uniting.
  • Any moment in The Form can be used during your day to drop you back into the ecstatic presence of the moment.
  • It opens us to intimacy with others and ourselves at the deepest, most profound level.

Wherever I have been introducing The Form across the world, people have responded with tears of gratitude and deep recognition, deep shifts in their perception of reality, and a dropping in their bodies to a level of subtlety that they didn't know existed.

Bernie Prior says about The Form: "The Form generates more light to address those parts of your self that need higher integration – to perceive them, heal them, transform them, transcend and integrate them at a higher level of consciousness. All movement of the physical, mind and emotion that you are conscious of, grows you. It grows your soul light. It is the evolution of the soul of the Earth, not just the individual. The practice of The Form is facilitating conscious evolution"

Watch this video to see more about it:

Here are the details for Form Introduction workshops that I will be hosting soon:

3 November 2 - 5 pm The Forge, 15 Windsor Rd Kalk Bay Cape Town. Cost R100, book with Giulia Criscuolo: g@spiralconnect.za.net
17 November 2 - 5pm The Crags, Plettenberg Bay. Cost R80, book with Rain: rainjewelmartin@gmail.com

 The Retreat: 19 - 22 December 2012
Lotus Garden Retreat Center, Knysna Forest

What you can expect

During this retreat, Shakti will teach participants the first three levels of the Form Reality Practice. Expect days of immersion in an exquisite partner meditation practice that will take you into deep intimacy with yourself and others.
In the evenings, we will celebrate this auspicious time with BlissDance, a Tantric free dance and movement practice developed by Shakti to deepen our capacity for embodied bliss.

The venue

The Lotus Garden Retreat Center is a unique forest venue constructed and managed by people who glow with the light of awareness. Accommodation is provided in A-frame wooden huts lovingly made by the owner. The gathering hall rises up out of the forest and opens up to it on all sides. This is a back-to-nature weekend, the best way to get back into our natural sexuality - with manually heated showers, candles and fires. We will all contribute to preparing lovely vegetarian meals together.

Cost and bookings

Cost, including accommodation and excluding meals (which we will prepare together) is R2 100 per person: R2 100 if paid in full before 30 November, R2 600 for later bookings.
A non-refundable deposit of R1000 is required to secure your place.
Bookings with Rhianne van der Linde: rhiannevdl@gmail.com

The retreat date

The 21st December 2012 marks the end of the Mayan "long count" Calendar and this is based on the galactic alignment of our Sun with the centre of the galaxy. This alignment occurs once every 26 000 years and this will be the first time that humans are consciously aware of it. This date could signal our emergence as a species into an era where we achieve a galactic level of awareness – in other words an awareness of ourselves as a species rather than just being individuals, nations or races.
Human civilization is passing through an era of great transformation, as we can clearly see in the progression of technology, the great extinction of species, global economic collapse, ecological attrition and climate change, and the sometimes revolutionary changes in political systems. One vital aspect of change is a shift in human spirituality or consciousness, which is essential if we are to survive as a species on planet Earth.
The rising sun on December 21st, 2012 will align itself directly with the center of the galaxy. This alignment changes our orientation to the galactic center and this opens the way for the beginning of a new world age, a re-birth into an entirely new participation in the greater whole. This 2012 solar galactic alignment offers all of humanity the opportunity to assimilate the complete understanding of returning to galactic center. It will augur the complete understanding of the ascent and decent of our higher minds and spiritual understanding.
This momentous end cycle moment will create the opportunity for an unprecedented spiritual and metaphysical phenomenon, a bridge to galactic center, a moment in our history which signals the birth of a new collective consciousness.


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